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2015 Strategic Plan

No description

Chris Nicely

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of 2015 Strategic Plan

2015 Forecast
Marine OEM = 88% of all business
Protect aging marine OEM business & relationships
Deliver on new growth marine OEM business
Be receptive of new marine OEM projects
PTM Edge = 18% of all business (12% OEM; 6% non-OEM)
Consumer demand (anticipated demand) drives this sector
Reinforce marine consumer awareness
Support marine dealer demand
Fulfill existing non marine projects
Solicit former non marine customers
Define 4FF external role
Gently troll for new non marine business
Improve capacity/reduce costs - new & upgraded eqpt, reduced cycle time, process improvements, leverage HR
Manage business for improved profitability
Protect aging marine OEM projects & relationships
Protect relationships with regular communication
Deliver projects on time
Probe for future projects
Executive network
Deliver on new growth marine OEM projects
Recognize prime contact for each account
Develop new relationships with regular communication, fully understanding desired needs
Deliver projects on time
Reinforce marine consumer awareness
Maintain digital, social, print presence
Continue involvement in highly visible consumer oriented events - boat shows, tours, special events, seek athlete endorsements, product placement in product photos; videos
Support promotions targeting consumers
Enhance consumer portals - Amazon and direct
Fulfill non marine existing business
Deliver on existing projects
Remain in touch with the decision makers
Make consistent, but not too frequent contact
Ask for additional projects
Ensure satisfaction
Support marine dealer demand
2015 Protomet Strategic Plan
Gently troll for new
non marine business
Maintain a low level presence - directories, D2P show, Google Adwords directing traffic to protomet.com
Respond to inquiries - no direct solicitation
Identify product crossover opportunities

solicitation of dormant non marine customers
2015 will see
$7.67m increasing to $11.1m 45.1% Growth in 2015
3X what we were in 2011
More than all 2010 sales

Marine – 95%

Protect - Digest
Deliver - Support - Prepare
Remain Visible, Receptive
When you have all your eggs in one basket...watch that basket closely
Identify & target former clients
Initiate contact
Request opportunities and suggestions for other project sources
Take rate influencers
Aggressive competition
Consumer apathy
PTM Edge mirrors were shipped with 74.2% of new ski/wake boats
Protect - Digest
Deliver - Support - Prepare
Remain Visible, Receptive
Strengthen relationships
Steamline production
Improve efficiencies
Measure & evaluate
4FF is an integrated function of Protomet, gently troll
Improve on-time delievry to 95%, staying ahead of customer expectations
Outbound communication/relationship building with stakeholders
Ready capabilities to grow 30% in '16 ($15mm); 20% in '17 ( $18mm)
Remain visible
Stay in public eye
Support brand in all business lines
Entertain opportunities
Secure projects to thwart competition
Define 4FF external role
Streamline 4FF operations
Crystalize capacity
Evaluate available capacity for external clients
Maintain existing clients - TACO - with superior service
Gently troll with Protomet engineered solutions
Nurture with regular contact
sell existing products
service product in field
share victories
Re-energize dormant dealers
Assist in showcasing products at dealership through boat shows, POP, dealer meetings
Introduce new products
Develop, implement and deliver innovative processes and products, ahead of customer expectations, in a creative, high energy environment with our stakeholders.
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