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Foreign Policy Goals

Definitions and Examples

Sean Sullivan

on 8 October 2011

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Transcript of Foreign Policy Goals

Foreign policy what is it? our government's plan for interacting with other nations What are our Foreign Policy Goals? National Security Protecting our borders and citizens from outside threats is our government's most important job world peace Our government works with other nations to prevent wars by using diplomacy (negotiations or words instead of fists) GOALS Economic well-being Relies on free and open trade with other nations to get resources and keep Americans working Spread of Democracy America believes that people should have the power in the government. Our government helps other nations set up democracies. Humanitarian Relief & Human Rights American people believe that ALL humans have basic rights and needs. Our government works to help people of the world who are suffering. So.. it's a BIG WORLD with lots of different people with lots of different problems What does our government do about these issues? it creates How does our government meet these goals? Military protects against attacks
discourages potential attacks Alliances provides security
economic partners
peace Diplomacy provides strong communication between nations Foreign Aid help we give to other countries
food and water
military Trade regulations tarrifs - taxes on trade sanctions - trade restrictions placed on a country to punish them embargo - government ends trade with another country intelligence secret information about other countries collected by spying / monitoring other governments "Iraq elections turnout 62%, officials say" "Today's voting makes it clear that the future of Iraq belongs to the people of Iraq," Mr Obama said. "us and iraqi troops secure iraq election sites" Spread of democracy military "america joins other countries in an attempt to cut off north korea's ability to obtain outside resources." "countries attmept to pressure north korea to abandon its nuclear program" sanctions national security '"obama host nuclear security summit" "obama and russian president medvedev meet and agree to dispose of 34 tons of nuclear arms" diplomacy world peace "america looks to strengthen its partnership brazil" "brazil's GDP grows as it continues to export natural resouces" alliance economic well-being "america sends millions in relief following haiti earthquake" "us military hospital ship cares for thousands of injured haitians" foreign aid humanitarian relief and human rights
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