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Copy of Grade 3/4 Science Project

No description

Leisa Eiland

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Grade 3/4 Science Project

Toy Inventors
Grade 3/4
Final Product
Lots of research helped us find the right project for each of us to make.
We determined the materials that we needed and what procedures we should follow to build our toys.
We decided which toy we would like
to construct and determined what force would
make it move. Then we sketched the toy from
different angles.
Curriculum Expectations
Forces Causing Movement

- investigate devices that use forces to create controlled movement

- demonstrate an understanding of how forces cause movement and changes in movement.
We chose to make some amazing toys.
Some were very
challenging .
A lot of work went into testing the toys and
making improvements so they would move
Attila assembling his robotic hand
Logan putting the finishing touches on her balloon car.
Aidan reading the procedures for his balloon rocket.
Sarah and her water rocket.
Evan testing his balloon rocket.
Matt and his snake spinner.
After making our plans and gathering our materials, we started to construct our toys.
After construction we tested our toys and made some improvements.
Aidan constructing his balloon rocket.
Gr. 3/4 Mad Scientists
Our projects on display
Josh and his stick propeller.
The paddle boat crew, Donovan, Owen and Lea.
The Water Wheel trio, Katie, Emma and Taylor
After a lot of hard work and perseverance, we are very happy with our final results.
The End
Ashton and his digger.
Alexis and Cameron with their Hovercrafts.
Sierra, Brooklyn and Logan and their CD Cars.
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