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Lachlan and William

feet first/canal walk 1

Bothkennar Primary

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Lachlan and William

Feet First First Canal Walk Canal walk 1 Canal walk 2 Canal walk 3 Canal walk 4 Canal walk 5 Canal walk 6 On our first canal walk we went to the
Falkirk Wheel. We met Alan Forester. He
works for the British Waterways. At
the Falkirk Wheel there were sculptures
made by Ronald Rae. We tried to lift them but we couldn't.

On the second canal walk we
went to Prospect Hill Tunnel.
We walked down a hill then we
saw the Laughin' and Greetin'
Bridge. There were stalactites
on the wall and the roof of the
tunnel. When we went back to
school we wrote stories about
missing children. On the third Canal walk we
played a game called Canalphabet Snoop. You had to see,
hear and smell something for
each letter of the alphabet.
When we stopped the game we
were at a lock. Sandy showed
us the lock and what all of the
buttons did. Beside the lock
there were two mini kelpies.
Alan told us about Burke
and Hare and showed us
how they killed people.
Burke and Hare worked as
navvies on the Union Canal. On the forth canal walk we
went back to the Falkirk Wheel to plant Hawthorn trees and put our haikus in with the trees.After we planted the trees we sang a song about trees.

At the beginning of the fifth
canal walk Alan told us to
look for small but smooth
stones. After that everybody got a
picture and then everybody
held a string that was tied
to a tree to see the connections
between everything in the world.
Then we made memory sticks. We
got a stick and sellotaped a
coloured feather to the top for
the birds, a blue ribbon for the
sky, a green ribbon for the trees
and silver for the canal. On the last canal walk we went to the Falkirk Wheel. We went
in a boat up the Falkirk
Wheel and through Roughcastle
Tunnel and before we went
on the Falkirk Wheel we were
learning about the Romans.
When we got to the Falkirk
Wheel we looked at our
hawthorn trees.

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