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Copy of Landscapes

A look at Grant Wood's landscapes. (geometric forms, pattern, and space)

Julienne Hogarth

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Landscapes

Let's look at how you, as an artist show
distance or space in your artwork by
looking at some landscape paintings.
Horizon Line
As objects get closer to the horizon line they are farther away.
Fall Plowing, Grant Wood
Stone City, Grant Wood, 1930
Less Contrast
American Gothic
Grant Wood
less clear and fewer details=far
more clear
more detail=
Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, Grant Wood, 1931
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds
John Constable
China, 1940
Jimmy Baker’s ‘Talaya Tjukurpa’ (Emu creation story) 2009
Think of the ways we saw in the video to show space.
1. Overlap
2. Placement (close to the horizon line is farther away)
3. Size
4. Value
5. Color
6. Details

Each of the following slide will demonstrate one of the techniques. Draw 6 squares on a blank page (can be sketchbook if working at school or blank page if at home) You will complete a small sketch as directed in the presentation.
We will look at paintings by Grant Wood.
He is most famous for a painting you will see later in this presentation.
In your sketchbook sketch how Grant Wood uses overlap to show distance or space. For example, sketch the house overlapping the trees here.
Scroll through the next 5 slides showing this painting. Then, in your sketchbook make a sketch showing how
Grant Wood uses Placement to the Horizon Line to
show space.
In your sketchbook, show
how Grant Wood changes the size of something to make it appear
further away.
Now, do a sketch to show how he uses linear perspective to show distance or space. (the road gets more narrow as it gets closer to horizon) This works best if you begin by drawing the horizon line.
is less

Color and

Yep, you got it, so a sketch of
how Wood shows space or
distance with details.
Most likely none of these paintings looked very
familiar to you. The next slide will show you Grant
Wood's most famous painting. It is hanging in Chicago at the Chicago Art Institute.
Do you have any idea what painting it is????
Go to the next slide to see it.
Overlap and contrast are very evident in this painting to show space or distance.
2. What technique did this
artist use to show distance or space?
(there may be one or two) Write it in your sketchbook

Different cultures show space differently.
Australian Aboriginal people show landscapes from above and don't worry about showing space.
Stone City, Iowa by Grant Wood
This is a landscape. You will design a piece of art that uses the techniques we have been discussing. You can create a landscape from a photo you might have, or create one from your imagination.
You have other options as well. You could design
an underwater scene or an alien landscape. It is up to
you. Whatever you design you need to show at least
3 of the techniques we have been learning about. You can draw from a photo or from your imagination.

Draw your ideas in your sketchbook.
Do a sketch of how Grant Wood uses color or contrast in this painting to show distance.
1. In your sketchbook write about
how Constable shows space or
distance in this painting.
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