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Classes of Chicken

No description

Nur Alysson Vergeire

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Classes of Chicken

Classes of Chicken
Other Poultries
Methods of Coocking
Some Problems in Poultry Cookery.

Promblems in poultry cookery
Discoloration/Off Colors

Methods in Cooking
Moist heat Cookery
: Tinola, Sinampalokang manok, manok na pinaupo, putserong manok and relyeno.
An interesting filipino chicken recipe which is actually a form of stuffed chicken and is practically boneless.
Dry Heat Cookery -
Usually reserved for young tender poultry whose quality is best appreciated when cooked by this method.
Barbequed and fried chicken

Why poultry is cooked
To improve palatability
To improve tenderness
To destroy any bacteria or parasite present
Other Poultry
Pecking Duck - A breed of duck from China and is noted for its tender and flavorful meat.

Itik - A duck, raised mainly for eggs.

Squab -
Young immature pigeon of other sex and is extra tender-meated.
Classes of Chicken
Cornish Game Hen -
young immature chicken. It was prepared from cornish chicken or progeny of a cornish chicken crossed with another breed of chicken.

Broiler/Fryer -
tender meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin and flexible breastbone cartilage.

Roaster -
young chicken. Almost the same sa the Broiler except for its breastbone cartilage that is less flexible.

surgically desexed chicken. Usually under 8 months of age and is tender-meated with soft, plaiable smooth textured skin.
Stag -
male chicken usually under 10 months of age with coarse skin, somewhat toughened and darkened flesh, and considerable hardening of the breastbone cartilage.

Cock/Rooster -
mature male chicken with coarse skin toughened and darkened meat and hardened breastbone tip.

baby chicken; 4-6 weeks old, weigths 1 lb., good for roasting.

Double Poussin -
Fryer, 6 weeks old, 2 1/2 lbs.

Culled Chicken -
layers intended for egg type within 45 days don't have the capacity to lay eggs.

Spring Chicken -
with tender flexible breastbone cartilage.
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