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Denver Broncos. By Andrew Rist

No description

andy wrist

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Denver Broncos. By Andrew Rist

Famous Favorites
Some of the most famous players on the team are, Peyton Manning, the Quarterback, and John Elway, who was the Quarterback for the team from 1983-1998, then he became the Executive Vice President in Football Operations for the Denver Broncos.
History (continued)
When the young Denver Broncos started settng up training camps and try-out areas, a lot of wannabees, has-beens, and never beens were attracted. So not very many people were interested in the team. But some teams start out as they were, rookies, and as they progressed in time, they started to get better and people got more interested in them.
It all started in 1959 when a baseball team that failed at baseball, was spending the night at a Chicago hotel, when they got a call from the N.F.L. asking them if they wanted to start a football team.
Who are the Denver Broncos?
The Denver Broncos are Colorado's football team that play in the NFL (A.K.A. the National Football League.)
Denver Broncos. By Andrew Rist
The Broncos first field was Mile High Stadium, then changed to Invesco Field, which posted its first game there in 2001 and could hold 76,125 fans. But once the team and leader of the team decided they needed a larger sponsor for the team and field , they changed it to Sports Authority Field, and now have a large sponser for the stadium.
What position does Peyton Manning play?
What state was the Denver Broncos team created?
Why I think the Denver Broncos are cool.
I think they're cool because of teamwork and cooperation as a team
1. Quarterback

2. Illinois

3. Miles
Thank you for watching!
Who is the

Ring of fame
The Denver Broncos Ring of Fame was created by Pat Bowlen, the leader, and owner of the team. It was designed to honor former players and administrators who played significant roles in the franchise's history, kind of like a hall of fame.
How did the Denver broncos get their name
They got their name when a name a team contest was happening in the 1960s. The name Broncos was submited and selected by the Denver team
Broncos in the Super Bowl
The Broncos have played in the Super Bowl more than once, and have won two times in a row and are going to be playing the Seahawks in the Superbowl XLVIII.
Team colors
The teams present colors on their jersey's are orange, whi
te, and navy blue.
One new jersey that had a horse going trough the D for Denver, was known as the Orange Crush
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