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Marine Zones and Lifestyles

High School Marine Biology Lesson

Sandra Goodrich

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of Marine Zones and Lifestyles

Ocean Zones
and Life Styles

Pelagic Zone
Benthic Zone
Neritic zone
Top layer sunlight penetrates
Epipelagic Zone
Sunlight reaches but not strongly
enough to support much life.
Mesopelagic Zone
Deep water in open ocean.
Bathypelagic Zone
Supralittoral zone
Oceanic zone
is the water column
Abyssalpelagic Zone
Even deeper in the oceanic trenches
Marine life is incredibly diverse.
Hadalpelagic Zone
The deepest water in the
ocean trenches
is the bottom
Littoral zone
Sublittoral zone


Parts of ocean classifications are based on light, depth, temperature, density, latitude, distance from shore
Hadal zone
Abyssal zone
Bathyal zone
Continental shelf
Spray zone
There are two major marine provinces
Also called the coastal waters, this water zone extends from the low tide mark out to the edge of the continental shelf. It receives lots of sunlight and extends to a depth of about 200 meters.
Also called the
open-ocean, this zone is
divided into sections making
several sub-zones based on the different ecological characteristics. It is mostly divided by depth.
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