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on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Science

The fear of natural phenomenons The Cause and Effect of 3.11 3.11.11 On March 11, 2011, 14:46 Japan time, an earthquake, measured magnitude nine hit north east Japan. Close to 16,000 people lost their lives on during this natural phenomenon and 3,000 people are still missing. THE TSUNAMI Not only did a terrifying earthquake hit Japan,
also tsunami has attacked the already broken Japan. The tsunami washed away many homes and lives, causing a flood sinking schools and offices. THE DIFFERENCE During the tremendous disaster, many biomes
were effected, not only humans. The adoring pets have been separated from their loving owners. DOGS Dogs were one of the greatly effected pets from the tragedy . Being one of the most populous pets in the country, dogs suffered painful separations from their companions. CATS Cats were lost in the piled debris left behind by the hardship, some showered in radio active substances. Many many kittens are still finding their path to a new owner. HUMANS The people have been treated very differently from animals. Humans
supported each other and built the tomorrow and hope of the country.
By Oline Nakano HOMES The lost animals has lost love, and homes from the tremendous hazard. The government did not act for the animals and only volunteer work helped. On the other side, people have been provided temporary homes by the country. HEALTH Health issues have been a big problem for the pets. The new born animals that did not take vaccinations suffer from various diseases, while humans have been treated by emergency doctors. THE EVENT The event was a long term event because the earth quake it self was short but the after quakes, tsunami and Fukishima dai-ichi power plant radiation problems were long, HYPOTHESIS What are the differences between two biomes in a natural phenomenon and how does it affect them? CONCLUSION In conclusion the differences between the two biomes are; humans are treated better than animals, and the affects are that it violates the population for both of the biomes and it causes casualties and separations.
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