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12 steps of making a movie

No description

Beatrice Betsy

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of 12 steps of making a movie

12 Steps to making a movie to make a film it takes a long time, You start with an idea and it is developed from there on Number 1
THE IDEA A source of information
pitch You need : Number 2
Development Finance The next step in the development of the project is to turn the rough idea into a fianal script ready for production and this costs money Pitch the product
find Production companies What you will have to do : Script development Number 3 It is now down to the writer to deliver the product that the producer wants Draft
Step by step outline
final draft packaging Number 4 once the script is complete the producer and directer will decide who they want in the film and where there going to film it cast
place of filming
production schedule Pre-production Number 6 Financing Number 5 The producer must secure funding for the film. to make sure they have enough money they must ... get investors
bank funding
And put on the market with the finance secured, the full cast and crew are hired and detailed preparation begins. Story boarding
special effects planning
the production unit The shoot Number 7 Need to think of
Lighting and sound
special effects
acting post production Number 8 digital effects a titles
grade and colour
final cut Sales Number 9 Marketing number 10 while the film is still in post. The producer is out selling it, but she cant sell it directly to the public she needs a distributor Need to sell the product
need to make a trailer
take the film to market
screening The distributors plan their
strategy and
begin to market it The audience
press and media coverage exhibition Number 11 The box office success
equals financial success The premiere
box office performance
uk cinemas Other windows Number 12 if the film is successful it can be turned into other things like... DVD's
put on TV and
on planes A large film production can involve hundreds of people.it is a constant struggle to keep it on schedule and on budget. Post production usually starts during the shoot
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