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We Vote Introduction & Strategic Landscape

No description

Kad Smith

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of We Vote Introduction & Strategic Landscape

Introduction & Strategic Landscape
Why We Vote?
1) Design & build mobile voter tool
3) Test frequently (Google Adwords &
user testing)
4) Work w/ organizations - voter guides
5) Launch in SF & Oakland in 2016
6) Iterate and expand to other areas

Release Strategy
8 minutes
- Voters will not give us much of their time so we must provide value quickly

National asset
- Like a national park, We Vote is for the benefit of all citizens

Getting it right will require many iterations
We cannot be afraid to make mistakes

Building Blocks
We Vote Summary
Nonpartisan nonprofit (501c3 & 501c4)
We are here to help each other vote
Create & share personal voter guides with friends
This is your movement - You can help

Big, Hairy Audacious Goal:
Help 10 Million Voters in 2018
Building Blocks
10+ Year Plan
- What we are doing is complex, and it will take many election cycles to fulfill our vision

- Our financial needs will be met by individual and foundation donors

Our Core Values, Culture & Community are our Power
Working together we can accomplish anything

How you can get involved now!
Design Sprints, hackathons & face-to-face meetings
Five teams
Design Team
Engineering & Data Team
Volunteer Support
WildFire Team
Organizational Outreach
Promote We Vote to your network
Join us!
If you're interested in joining the We Vote Team or want to spread the word about We Vote to other potential volunteers:

Politically neutral
Open management (Get involved!)
Not commercial
Hate free & Right Speech
Friendly competition

See all:
Our Core Values
The biggest challenges facing We Vote:
Engaging millions of voters
Getting local election data for entire country
Competition from other Voter Guides
Fundraising is very competitive and time consuming
What could possibly go wrong?
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