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SLA+LASLinks=ELL Instruction

Mitchell Grayson, ESOL Coordinator K-12 Cromwell Schools PD 2011

Mitchell Grayson

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of SLA+LASLinks=ELL Instruction

Stages of Second Language Acquisition 10 9 8 7
1 How does an understanding of Second Language Acquisition and LAS Links inform English Language Learner (ELL) Instruction? Pre-production Early Production Speech Emergence Intermediate Fluency Fluency What? FEDERAL
Title III
Annual assessment of Speaking,
Listening, Reading, Writing & Comprehension STATE
ELL Position Statement
ELL Frameworks
LAS Links Report
% Progressing
% Proficient

Identification of ELLs
LAS Links
Assessment CLASSROOM

Tier I
Whole to Part

All Content Areas Silent Period - receptive language - point - act out - yes/no - uses L1 response - repeats words/phrases - "I don't know." Speaks in 1 or 2 word phrases - shows comprehension - short answers - yes/no - either/or - who/what/when/ where short phrases - simple sentences - longer sentences with grammatical errors uses more complex statements - states opinion - asks for clarification - shares thoughts fully participates - grade level appropriate / with ESOL support approaching native-like fluency Thank You! I could just Scream! Communicative Competency Speaking - Listening - Reading - Writing - Comprehension BICS CALPS Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills Content Objective Language Objective Participants will gain an increased understanding of the stages of Second Language Acquistion and the structure of the LAS Links Assessement. Participants will be able to discuss their interpretation of LAS Links Data with their colleagues. A Closer Look at LAS Links LAS Links Overview DVD
4 Groups (1 for each domain)
Sub groups of 4
Examine sample materials
Analyze test items/framework
Discuss implications for instruction
Share with All Role Playing
Think-pair-share Cultural awareness
Self esteem Hands on projects
Creating Books
Puppetry Technology
Online reading Content/Language
Comprehensible Input
Building Background Bloom's Taxonomy Second Language Acquisition + LAS Links Assessment = English Language Learners (ELL) Instruction
Mitchell Grayson, ESOL Coordinator, K-12,
Cromwell Schools - Edna C. Stevens Elementary
March 30, 2011
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