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The History of Hip-Hop and Rap

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William Murden

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The History of Hip-Hop and Rap

The mid eighties is when rap reached its peak and was termed the "Golden Era of Rap." This period created a music and business scene that was unstoppable and raised concern among U.S. adults.
Rap starts getting more popular and spreading around the U.S. when its irresistible tune gets stuck in peoples heads and they just can't get enough. The Golden Era of Rap began in 1984 when most of the rappers were popular enough to go on tour. From 1986 to 1989 the rap business grows quickly, spreading across the United States.
As rap kept growing, adults realized there was use of explicit language and they watched it closely, not wanting it to influence children and teens. The parental concern was not enough to stop the growth of this popular culture.
Rap became more popular and it created new generations of artists who became businessmen. These businessmen started their own record companies and had the power to sign artists and determine how much money they would make. Rap continued to gain in popularity during this Golden Era even though bad language and violence were some of its features and artists continued to dominate the music and social scenes.
Hip hop artists sport golden chains, live in Hollywood mansions and make their own brand of head phones. Read on to find how they got there and how long they'll stay!
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Hip-hop was first born in the mid nineteen seventies around New York. It was inhabited by a large segment of lower class African-Americans and was used for entertainment when they had nothing to do. Dancing, DJing and grafetti kept these kids busy and out of trouble.
Hip-hop has many different features, it is not just music. Some things hip hop covers is rap, DJing, graffiti, and even B-boying or break dancing. In New York, the hip-hop trend starts gaining momentum because new hip-hop artists are creating new hits. Rappers start producing better improved songs that send chills down your spine such as the Shugarhill Gang's hit “Rappers Delight." Hip-hop comes in many different forms and genres.
The Roots of Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop Microphone: http://cdn8.staztic.com/app/a/1042/1042965/hip-hop-and-rap-radio-android-4-2-s-307x512.jpg
Baker, Soren. The History of Hip-Hop and Rap. Detroit: Lucent, 2006. Print.

The Golden Era of Rap
There are many different types of rap. Once the Golden Era of rap stopped gaining momentum, a new types of rap emerged. Gangster rap, battle rap, and crunk are three of the most popular U.S. genres.
This new style was called “Gangster Rap” it was a more explicit form of music. Gangster Rap has a lot of violent lyrics that make you flinch. For example, Melle Mel's song “The Message” makes you want to cover your ears because of the dirty lyrics. Recently, this type of rap has come under fire for its violent themes.
Battle rap began when rappers starting to compete for hit songs. A battle rap is when one rapper insults another while making himself look good. This prompts a competition between different groups within the music industry as groups are trying to maintain popularity.
Crunk began in the dance clubs and has a loud, heavy beat. These songs are high pitched and drum heavy with catchy lyrics. Crunk stands for "crazy and drunk."
Rap has many different genres and continues to show up in mainstream culture. In spite of its bad language and violent themes, it has shown that if artists have something good to say, people will listen.
Hip-hop is now a hit around the world, everybody loves it. Even though hip-hop was born in the U.S it has now spread around the world.
You will find it in places like Brazil, Cuba, New Zeland, and even as far as China.
The reason hip-hop spread so quickly is because of its ability to speak to people with words and rhythm. In different countries hip-hop sounds very different. For example in Romania there are lots of deep bass sounds, while in Belgium there are lots of piano sounds and the music is almost jazzy.
The pounding beats, freedom of expression and creative rhyms are all reasons for rap's popularity worldwide. No matter where you live or how old you are, rap has something for everyone.
It's a Hip Hop Planet
Forms Of Rap
In this prezi, we discovered where and when U.S. hip hop began, how it grew and expanded into different genres, and became a worldwide hit. Now there is only one thing left to do, go grab your dance shoes and hat and... freestyle to a song of your choice maybe "Berzerk" by Eminem or even "Rapper's Delight" by The Shugarhill Gang. Remember, it's a hip hop planet, and hip hop is here to stay.
Hip Hop History
By William Murden
Rappers and their hip hop, took the nation by storm in the early 1980s. Find out where and how hip hop began, how it reached its peak of popularity, its various forms, and how it became a world renowned form of music.
Hip hop today has a huge pull on our society. This form of music, influences the way people speak, dress, and act. The purpose of this prezi is to inform readers about how the popularity of hip hop has molded our culture.

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