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Raccoons in the Ozarks

No description

justin carrera

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Raccoons in the Ozarks

Raccoons live in deciduous,forests,trees,holes,and in hills away from predators and humans.
What raccoons look like.
Raccoons have white eyebrows with a black mask around their eyes. They also have a black pointed nose and clawed feet. Raccoons have brownish gray fur with a long fluffy ringed tail.
What racoons eat
Where do raccoons live?
How big do racoons get and how much do they weigh?
Racoons have 3 to 4 babies at the same time.Their babies are called cubs.
How many babies do racoons have at one time and what are they called?
How long do raccoons live?
Racoons can get as big as 9.1 to 12 inches tall.Racoons can also weigh as much as 8 to 20 pounds.
Racoons live from 1.8-3.1 years
Racoons like to eat almost anything.They eat clams,crayfish,frogs,fish,snails,insects,slugs,and birds.They also eat fruits,vegetables,nuts,seeds,and garbage from the trash.
what are some threats to raccoons?
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