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1:1 Conversation

No description

Brian Unruh

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of 1:1 Conversation

1:1 Conversation... Positive impacts on discipline
Increase in student and teacher tech skills
Savings in other areas like paper, paperwork, textbook materials
Student ownership of learning and life skills (organization & time management)
Preparation for post secondary and life after school
To name a few... Pros & Cons What grade levels are best?

Do schools ever do pilot programs (one subject area or one grade level)?

What are schools doing for tech support/troubleshooting?

Examples of school districts with success and failure stories. Questions to Discuss What are districts doing with digital curriculum?

What are districts using for Learning Management Systems (LMS)? Curriculum Related Questions Discussion Infrastructure
Professional Development
Community & Stakeholder Support
Support Staff
Picking the correct device
Policies & Procedures A recent study of 997 schools across the United States (Greaves, Hayes, Wilson, et al., 2010) identified nine factors that, if present, appear to contribute to higher levels of achievement in schools that have adopted one-to-one programs. The top three factors were

1. Ensuring uniform integration of technology in every class. 2. Providing time for teacher learning and collaboration (at least monthly).
3. Using technology daily for student online collaboration and cooperative learning.

Rather than being a cure-all or silver bullet, one-to-one laptop programs may simply amplify what's already occurring—for better or worse—in classrooms, schools, and districts. Jim Collins (2001) arrived at a similar conclusion about technology in the business world. "Technology alone," he observed in Good to Great, "never holds the key to success." However, "when used right, technology is an essential driver in accelerating forward momentum" (p. 159). The same thing could be said of one-to-one computing initiatives in schools and districts. One to One Laptop Programs Are No Silver Bullet
by Bryan Goodwin https://sites.google.com/a/aea267.k12.ia.us/steps-for-technology-learning-environments/ http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational_leadership/feb11/vol68/num05/One-to-One_Laptop_Programs_Are_No_Silver_Bullet.aspx Depends and varies. Minatonka, MN and Cedar Falls, IA Most districts around the state are focused at HS and then MS. The others have started at MS first and worked back up toward HS. Techie per 300 students per site, .1 MB per student, Technology Integration Specialist Failures - Teachers not being prepared, infrastructure not ready, bad device not fitting the purpose
Successes - Grundy Center, Waverly-Shell Rock, BCLUW, Central Lee, Woodward-Granger, College Community, South Hamilton, Council Bluffs, Harland Community Schools (PBL), CAM, Spirit Lake, & Questions Textbook Companies using PDF's.
Johnston Initiative - 3,500 iPads for 5-12 and creating their own curriculum
Curriculum through Edmodo
iTunes U Courses
Open source text books (www.ck12.org and www.cnx.org) Free - Edmodo, Google Apps/Docs, Open Class Cost or Committment - Moodle, Canvas, Studywiz, Schology.com, Haiku Which device is best for your district? Mac Laptops
PC Laptops
PC Tablets Lease vs. Buy
Maintenance Costs
Preference by key stakeholders
Longevity of device Student Uses Word Processing
Video Editing
Video Capture
Audio Creation
Online Textbooks, curriculum materials, or iTunes U What type of programs do you need to use in your district? Content based programs
AR, MISIC, STAR, MAP Testing, District assessments
Management based programs
Productivity based programs
MS Office
Google Apps/MS 365 compatable Cost Initial Cost
Additional Programs that are needed
Management Programs
Productivity Programs Management Device management & setup
Deploying new programs & apps
Classroom management options & programs
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