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Freak the Mighty


Victoria Taylor

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty

Soundtrack by Victoria Freak the Mighty This is a song about losing somebody that you love. I chose this song for the flash-backs that Max has about watching his Mom be killed. I chose it mainly because of the 3rd verse. This verse talks about waking up and how somebody really died and it wasn't a lie. I feel that this closely relates to how Killer Kane told Max to go to sleep and it was all a dream. I chose this song for the scene when Kevin and Max start going on quests. The song describes how there was an adventure across mountains and seas, or in Kevin's words, a quest. I chose Chloroform girl by the Polka dot Cadavers because it is a song about kidnapping. "The little pigs will die tonight" could be a reference to Loretta and Max. The song also talks about the night and a basement which was when Max was kidnapped and where he was held. I think that if Kane wasn't caught then Max might have turned out like the girl in the song. This is a song about death and losing someone. I feel that this song is a good theme song for Freak the Mighty. The sunny days in the song could be the days of Freak the Mighty. Kevin and Max are opposites, just like fire and rain. The lonely times could be before Max met Kevin and was just barely living. I feel that this song would be great during the end credits because it pretty much summarizes the book. I chose Beat it by Michael Jackson for the scene with Toni D. because it is about a gang fight and that's kind of how I imagined how that scene happened. Citations Youtube
Yahoo Answers
bobo-mop.devianart.com By Rodman Philbrick
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