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The Negative Effects Of Ambition

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simren pamma

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of The Negative Effects Of Ambition

The Negative Effects Of Ambition
When is too much ambition negative
Too much ambition is detrimental when it gets to the point where your trying to harm someone else. One example is Macbeth.
Being greedy, ruthless, and power hungry.
Although ambition is needed to achieve one's goal, too much of it can be extremely negative and detrimental.
Work Cited
Where it all came from...
While reading the play Macbeth the idea of ambition being a negative aspect was introduced to me. Macbeth was ambitious for power which led to him getting his head chopped off
A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work
TV shows on too much ambition
Art portraying overly ambitious people
Medium of Music
"To make it, to take it in,
to discover it's no longer cool:
bitter satisfaction
To drop it, to pick new dreams:
bad ambition burning inside my brain
like a strange infection..."

"To burst for envy and the sting of jealousy
are a blind ambition of ruthless greed and
a carelessly love........"

Envy & Jealousy

One example of fiction showing the devastating effects over too much ambition is Macbeth.
In the movie The Wolf of Wall Street is about a man who made money the corrupt way but his ambitions made him want more and more which led him to getting caught and losing everything
Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth both had ambition for power which was out of control and led to their downfall.
"You are forcing people to work on Thanksgiving! What is wrong with you? You pay your employees anything, they don't get benefits, and now you take away the one thing that matters; precious time with their loved ones. I will shop anywhere but these stores for as long as possible"-Sam Grittner
A handful of men, whose satisfaction comes from the dissatisfaction of the masses, have rebranded “greed” to “ambition.” In the very same manner which a handful of men who were interested in controlling the thoughts, tastes, and, actions of the masses rebranded “propaganda” to “public relations.” - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
One TV show that reveals the ambition to have all the money is American Greed
They show the stories of how greedy people acted for money. Also they showed the effects on the people who were getting ripped off by these people.
To burst for envy and the sting of jealousy
are a blind ambition of ruthless greed
a carelessly love and a ruthless exploitation
of nearly all human power and practice
done without peace and freedom thoughts
a compulsion due to a materialistic way
a wild passion without any real feeling
a consuming passion form
not the love which is called
like mothers love their children
or to give away your love to win it in truth
or to split up with someone or something you desire for love
or to part with your heart like a donation of your organ
for somebody unknown
like a nourishing mother
feeding a strange baby.

This line from the poem
Envy & Jealousy
it talks about how being jealous of others leads to you having negative ambition. You become greedy and ruthless because of your ambition.
"Bad Ambition"- Fallen Asleep
These lyrics talk about how making is not enough. They say that their mind is set with bad ambitions to reach their goal.
s Too Much Ambition Making You Miserable? BY Jessica Stillman

"Craving career success, much like craving fatty foods or a couch-potato lifestyle, can lead to long-term problems if you let it take over. Have you gotten the balance right?"

Ambition: how much is too much?
Nick Martindale
"Nick Martindale discusses the fine line between ruthlessness and ambition and if managers should reveal their ambitious side at work"

How Much Ambition Is Too Much?
by Nicole Sakin on November 24, 2012

“Ambition is the need or drive to achieve through working for something of personal value,” said Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D., the author of several books on the subject. “Ambition is both learned and taught.”
"Top reason companies fail is because of being too greedy and stubborn" - New York Times
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Sam Grittner, . N.p.. Web. 27 Mar 2014. <http://www.samgrittner.com/greed/>.
By Simren Pamma
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