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Standards Based Grading- 2012 Parent Meetings

Information on standards based grading at Solon High School.

Nathan Wear

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Standards Based Grading- 2012 Parent Meetings

Solon High School 2012 Standards Based Grading
http://tinyurl.com/scsdsbg How did this start at Solon?
Background at SCSD starting in 2008-2009 school year
http://tinyurl.com/scsdsbg So what is standards based grading? Board of Education Grading Guidelines
Approved in Spring of 2012 1. Entries in the grade book that count towards the final grade will be limited to course or grade level standards.

2. Extra credit will not be given at any time.

3. Students will be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of classroom standards in various ways. Retakes and revisions will be allowed.

4. Teachers will determine grade book entries by considering multiple points of data emphasizing the most recent data and provide evidence to support their determination.

5. Students will be provided multiple opportunities to practice standards independently through homework or other class work. Practice assignments and activities will be consistent with classroom standards for the purpose of providing feedback. Practice assignments, including homework, will not be included as part of the final grade. 5 Grading Guidelines Parents, you need to ask different questions So what does this mean for my child? Did you get your homework done?
How did you do on your test/quiz/assignment?
When are you going to turn in that missing assignment?
How are you going to get your grade up? Old Questions Traditional Grading Standards Based Grading New Questions Have you practiced your standards?
In what standard(s) are you proficient?
In what standard(s) are you not proficient?
When do you plan to reassess?
What practice assignments have you done
to prepare for the reassessment?
What new standards do you have to learn? Next Steps FAQ So why are teachers doing it differently? When the board of education approved the standards-based grading guidelines in Spring 2012, staff survey data indicated additional time was needed before full implementation.
Teachers will learn more about implementing the grading guidelines through professional learning during the first three quarters of 2012-13. Middle school and high school teachers are required to implement the grading guidelines with at least one of their classes by the beginning of the 4th quarter.
Teachers’ implementation of the grading may vary during this time of professional learning until the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year when all classes will be required to utilize the grading guidelines. http://tinyurl.com/scsdsbg Search Terms Standards Based Grading is termed and created in Solon and surrounding areas

Competency based education, learning targets, professional learning communities
Formative assessment, common formative assessment, mastery learning
Standards based assessment and reporting, feedback, student proficiency
Grading, homework
www.ascd.org- Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Authors: Doug Reeves
Thomas Guskey Douglas Fisher
Rick Wormeli Nancy Frey
Robert Marzano
G. Wiggins Shawn Cornally
W.J. Popham Matt Townsley
J. McTighe
Alfie Kohn
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