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The lost world

No description

Tamy!! Villalobos

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The lost world

They decide to investigate the land. Then were attack by a pterodactyl and there Roxton found a blue clay which gave very curious
After exploring the area realized that there were two species of humanoids there, one is a race of creatures sinister and the other is a tribe of primitive humans So, they come back to England with a pterodactyl for display but he escaped.
Finally the blue clay sample realized they had to be crumbling into a diamond, which equals a lot of money then that money was distributed to all who attended the expedition. Another scientifics have said that this is false but Challenger convices Malone that is true and invites him to the Amazonas to investigate, with them comes the professor Summerlee and Lord John Roxton. After they found the apes and captured all except Malone, then Roxton could escape so he and Malone help the others escape before they pull by the plateau. The End! Challenger use the money to build a museum, Summerlee to retire and Roxton to make another expedition.
About Malone when he comes back he realized that his beloved had married while he was away so he joined to the second expedition of Roxton. The story begins when Ed Malone, was in love with a pretty woman her name is Gladys but she wants a man who make a big and dangerous mission. The lost world The end! The End! Author:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Principal Characters:
Ed Malone
Professor Challenger
Lord John Roxton Place:
The Amazonas
England History Then they arrive. After an indian called Gomez caught destroying the only bridge, so another indian Zambo helps them find another way to return. So Malone went talk with his boss to give him a dangerous mission to win his beloved, so he go with the professor Challenger. Then they asked the human tribe primitive for some cave and told them that there was a cave near theirs was a tunnel that went back to the plain.
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