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Camp College 2010

Presentation about the College Search Process. To be given June 12 at TCU

kendra pulliam

on 25 June 2010

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Transcript of Camp College 2010

Test Types of Institution Location Size Diversity Cost Majors campus life The College Search Start Here By J.T. Snipes ----- why go to college? -------- friends make more money parents Why go to college? The College Search Process Community College Technical School Big Athletic Program Government Funded Larger Student Body Two or Four Year Examples Online / For Profit Examples -------- ----- Diverse Major Selection Two or Four Year Liberal Arts Art & Design Online / For Profit Specialty Other Types of Schools HBCU HSI Men's College Religiously Affiliated Specialty Size ----- Know Student to Faculty Ratio & Average Class Size Diversity Ethnic Geographic Religious Gender/ Sexual Orientation Small Class Size Privately Funded Curriculum Grounded in the Liberal Arts Religious / Faith Based Size of the Student Body Can affect the following: Range of academic majors offered Co-curricular possibilities Amount of personal attention from faculty & staff Number of books in the library -------- Location Big city or small city Familiar or. Unknown Manage Expectations Don't feel stuck "Learn what to expect from a college's setting before you go: visit campuses, talk to students, and read campus and local newspapers." Demetra Durham -------- Majors Do your research! Consider your passions and unique talents It's ok to be UNDECIDED Women's College ------- Cost An important factor in selecting a college The General Breakdown
Think about... ----- Campus Life Checklist Get Involved!!!!! Aim for a balance between academics, activities, and social life. Before choosing a college, answer the following questions: ----- Housing -------- ----- Types of Institutions Public Private Consider how you react to new situations and people. Demetra Durham Look Beyond This Quality of the school Overall College Experience Graduation rates and job placement of the program you are interested in
Total Cost/Cost of Attending
Tuition and Fees
Room and Board What co-curricular activities are available? What does the city around the college offer? Are students welcomed by the community?
Is my ethnic or religious group present in the commmunity? Do fraternities and sororities influence campus life? Learn about the Housing Requirements
Take a tour See the rooms for yourself Find out the roommate selection process Explore the benefits of staying on campus 1. Make a visit list of the top three schools you are considering
2. Schedule your visit to campus when classes are in session 3. Learn the campus visit policy of the schools on your list

When you are on your visit make sure you:
Get application deadlines and other information Take pictures of the campus Visit the major or program that you are interested in Talk to professors and current students What is a College Day/Preview Day? Don't Forget to Visit Campus! 4. Do a Virtual Tour online Before you visit campus... College Search Road Map Create a list of your top 5 colleges/universities to start your research Research each school you are interested in Attend College Fairs The End? THINGS TO DO... THE END College
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