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Tingo, Ecuador. The Ayme family

No description

ellie nicholson

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Tingo, Ecuador. The Ayme family

Ermelindan Ayme Sichigalo, 37, and Orlando Ayme, 35, have eight children. Livia, 15; Moises, 11; Jessica, 10; Natalie, 8; Lucia, 5; Alvarito, 4; Mauricio, 2; Orlando hijo, 9 months.
Ayme Family members
Tingo, Ecuador. The Ayme family
Tingo is a small village in Ecuador.
Population of Tingo village: 80 (estimated)
Indigenous population: 25%
Undernourished population: 5%
Total amount annually spent on health care per person: $127
Number of volcanoes: 17
Consumption of sugar and sweetener per person per year: 99 pounds
Population living on less that $2 a day: 37%
Both Ermelinda and Orlando are farmers. They grow potatoes, oca, corn, wheat, board beans and onions. They also look after a flock of sheep and a cow for milk. They make money by selling their sheep.
Work in the fields, tend the flock of sheep, do laundary, go to market(3 miles away). Most important thing is to collect food and medicine.
Daily life
Food preservation: natural drying
Cooking method: wood fire, embers
The Ayme family grow most of their food but some thing they buy at the market (3 miles away) in exchange for the money they get from selling their sheep.
Getting Food
The Ayme family in their kitchen house in Tingo, a village in the central andes, with one weeks worth of food
Typical dinner: starchy soup
One week's food in September: $31.55
Grains and other starchy food: $17.40
Fruits, vegetables and nuts: $11.25
Condiments: $2.90
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