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This is a description of the Kellogg Foundation's work on behalf of vulnerable children in their first decade of life.

Tony Berkley

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of 028

Education Begins at Birth
Whole Child Development
Early Years and Early Grades
Vulnerable children
Integrated Supports
Brain Research
Do you remember kindergarten?
How many of you were "C" students?
Anyone out there not graduate from high school?
Each nation's future prosperity depends on developing the next generation of scientists, teachers, engineers and productive citizens. Public and private investments in high-quality early childhood education have demonstrated a greater rate of return than almost any other public investment, yet vulnerable children from low-income, at-risk families who benefit the most from comprehensive education and care have limited access to quality programs. How can cities, states and nations begin to change this picture? How can philanthropic foundations, government agencies and the private sector partner to broaden access and improve the quality of educational programs and services available to those most in need? This panel will examine the innovative initiatives that are making a real difference in the lives of children.
Comment on the thesis that “A nation’s prosperity is determined by investments in human capital” and at what age should that investment start?
Discuss Public Private partnerships supporting education (early childhood and beyond)
How high quality early childhood education can make a difference in all children
How can states, cities and nations expand access to high quality early childhood education
What role do/should governments, philanthropic foundations and private sector partners in supporting access/broadening access to high quality early childhood education
What are some of the innovative initiatives that are making a real difference in the lives of children
Do you have a young person in your life under the age of ten?
Emotional development is key
Executive function
Health, family support and early education
Anyone not a high school graduate?
According to a recent Rand Study conducted for the Armed Services, 75% of our nation's young people do not meet the minimum requirements for serving in the military because they are either overweight, not a high school graduate, or have a criminal record.
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