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Invasive Species

No description

Kelly Chambala

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Invasive Species

Burmese Python
By: Liam O'Connor
Origin: Southeast Asia
Invading: The Everglades (Florida)
How It Got There: Escaped from a breeding facility when it was destroyed in Hurricane Andrew.
Feral Hog
By: Katie Long and Kayla Latone
Our Research was from...
The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture
Snakehead Fish
By: Ryan Mahoney
Asian Tiger Mosquito
By: Ben Chamberlain
World Book
US fish and wildlife service
Origin: Asia
How It Got There: It arrived in tires imported from Asia
Impact On Environment:It can give out a virus called the West Nile Virus
Invading: The Southeastern United States
Invading: Florida

How It Got There: unknown

Impact On Environment: Preys on the already endangered Key Largo Wood Rat and competes with Indigo Snakes for their prey
Invasive species are animals, plants, and other living things that spread rapidly in new environments where there are almost no natural controls on their growth.
-World Book p.354

Invasive species across the US are becoming a serious problem. They are costing hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Also, they compete with the locals of the new environment for food, water, and shelter. They can harm their new environments in many ways. Such as...
- changing a rivers path by clogging it one way, causing it to go another
- causing native species to become extinct
- flammable invasive plants can cause massive fires
Also, invasive species can harm the economy in many ways. Such as...
- invasive fish can kill off fish that are targeted for fishing causing money loss
- having a negative impact on tourism
- invasive plants that cause plant diseases can spread them to the local plants
Lastly, the invasive species can impact human health. Such as...
- carrying human diseases
- being poisonous to humans
- information from US fish and wildlife service

Origin : Eurasia
Invading: Florida

How It Got There: It was taken from Eurasia and bred with the regular pig.

Impact On The Environment : the feral swine carries different diseases and eats farmers crops.

Invasive Species
Impact: eats native fish

Fun Fact :walks on land
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