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English Presentation (Persuasive Speech)

Breastfeed in the public should be allowed

clara hui

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of English Presentation (Persuasive Speech)

BREASTFEEDING IN THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2. Good for " breast milk is good for me
it has perfect blend of nutrients.
it promotes immature immune system.
it promotes proper tooth and jaw development" AHEL 4013 ENGLISH FOR
PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION Breastfeeding should be allowed in the public, WHY ???
a)This is a natural process
b)It is beneficial for the mother and the baby
c)Discreet breastfeeding in public is accepted in Malaysia. 1.Breastfeeding is a very natural healthy habit
the mother’s breasts will enlarge.
colostrum is produced.
natural spacing of pregnancies.
Babies are born with reflexes that help them find the breast and begin nursing. LECTURER: MS. SRIDEVI BALAKIRSHNAN
GROUP: GROUP E PERSUASIVE SPEECH 'List 4 benefits of BREAST MILK' Mammary glands secretes milk. their children unconditionally They feed their baby with
their human breast milk
whenever her baby is hungry
even she is in the PUBLIC. But why is the society having such a problem with it preparation of breastfeeding Good for the health
Get back in shape
Lose the extra weight gainedProtected against breast cancer at all ages. 3. Discreet breastfeeding in public is accepted in Malaysia. Encouraged breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.
Most of the Muslim mothers breastfeed conveniently in the public since they use the "tudung" cloth to cover.
This activity should be done tactfully so that people will not feel uncomfortable. Lastly, breastfeeding should be allowed in the public:
a)It is a natural process
b)It is good for the mother and the baby
c)Discreet breastfeeding in public is accepted in Malaysia. Beautiful part of life.
Mother expressing their infinity love for their children. Because we will not want to eat our meal in the toilet as well. Do not ask a mother to breastfeed in the Again, Breastfeeding should be allowed in the public . thank you
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