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Do magazines marketed for teen girls send the wrong message?

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Eliaja Nazario

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Do magazines marketed for teen girls send the wrong message?

According to Anastasia Goodstein, for Huffington Post:
80 percent
of girls have purchased an item as a result of an ad from a teen magazine.
63 percent
trust magazine ads.
Girls become convinced that they require particular fashions to belong in a society that emphasizes materialism.
Teen magazines drown girls with stylized pictures of society’s “ideal” beauty.
“Beauty” to magazines mean:
being 6 feet tall
weighing 105 pounds
a clear complexion
When teenage girls do not meet that airbrushed ideal, they begin to hate themselves and their body, when they are beautiful the way they are.
One of the most damaging effects of teen magazine consumption is the hyper-sexualization of teen girls.
These magazines are filled with instructions on how to get a boyfriend and look sexy.
They encourage what the American Psychology Association refers to as "costuming for seduction" or dressing provocatively to attract male attention.
The girls reading teen magazines begin to digest and believe the message that they are only sexual objects.

Think about it
What if one day you have a daughter and she comes up to you and tells you that they want to become anorexic because they believe that they will fit into society if they do because most of the super models and celebrities do?
How would you feel about magazines and media giving the idea to your daughter that she is not beautiful unless she looks like them and do what they do?

Do magazines marketed for teen girls send the wrong message?
The "Ideal" Beauty
Where are these magazine ads
Instead of these magazine ads
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