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flowers how they grow

No description

Noya Nazir

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of flowers how they grow

flowers and how they grow
if your flower starts to die that means that you were not giving it food or water it so wha you have to do ...... give it water and give it food.
now you know all about flowers dont let eney flowers die
in this book

you will lern how to grow flowers the frist thing you will need to have all the supplies so you need sissers and a bukit and a shoval and water so you can water the flower
now the secont step
you frist get your seeds so you can plant your flowers then put it somewhere with sun light so the flower will grow and then give it plenty of water and sun light every day so it will grow big and strong
if you cant make your flower better make another flower by doing all the work you did for your other flower and you can have ll the flowers you want
have fun
you can have many flowers but you have to keep one flower alive so you can have many flowers keep your flower alive!!!!!!
after all that
after you did all the hard work here is the fun part you get to wach your flower grow and grow intal it is a flower but you still have to do hard work to keep it alive
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