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Year Of 2009/2010!(:

No description

rebecca mchowell

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Year Of 2009/2010!(:

Year Of 2009/2010: Life Of Rebecca
Mchowell ... The things about this year that I think I could
have done better is that I could have had better
manners, and by that I mean that I would talk
to my elders more politelly. I should have taken more
time in class to make better grades. I would be very
upset if I had to go to summer school, or even fail the
grade. Another thing I should have made more time to
hang out with my freinds. I think that I have had a pretty
good year for my seventh grade year. I think all of the goals
that I have set all have been accomplished except the part
of me that feels that I need to have a bad attitude. But then
agian that is part of my personality and that is just the way I
am. There were some pretty interesting
things that went on this year. From
seventh grade teachers screaming out
cuss words and quiting, to kids getting
punched on the bus. I think that maybe
sometimes there would be reasons for
fighting, but if you said that to a teacher
she would surely tell you that "violence is
not the answer." But I think that is not
true. There are alot of students that go through
alot of peer preisure, and I don't even think that
teachers understand. I'd have to say that girls go
through alot more peer preisure than any boys. Some good things that happened
this year are meeting new freinds,
fun times on feildtrips, and just all the
good times we spent with freinds. Those
would probably the best times that I can
remember. This is the life and happening's
of me, Rebecca Mchowell, and how
crazy and exciting and sometimes not
so fun life. But it is me, you know. Got
to deal with the life that was handed to
me. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be,
but whoever trys to change me, is wrong. I
love my life and even if I had the chance to
change something bad about it... I wouldn't
only because I love my life. All the good and
bad things about it I have many acheviements. I also try
and set alot aof goals for myself...
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