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ya raaaab

No description

amro tarek

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of ya raaaab

1) ACU Student Union President 2) Head of Activity & Trips Committee 2years with the highest Votes in the University 3) I Joined SEP Program 2012 4) Organizing IPSF 58Th World congress in Hurghada a) attend SEO workshop with Milanka
b) Meet the SEO's of Different Countries 5) Organizing a lot of events & Trips ACU Spring Party 2011 &2012 - International Day - Reception of Turkish ambassador at ACU - Many Events Ain Sokhna - Hurghada - Old Cairo - Waadi al Rayan -Sand boarding - Alexandria - Nile Yacht - Paintball 6) Organizing Some Trips to congress Students and August SEP Students Experience Would Help Me in My New Position Out Going Students I believe that every Egyptian Student joined the Student exchange program is going to a representative for all the Egyptian Students 1) Every LEO will be Provided with Professional interview Questions to ensure the chose of the Student who desire to Join the SEP & Represent Egypt 2) I will Help every Student to join the SEP at the Country he prefer 3) We will Organize Workshop about SEP program + Problem solving + Time management + Communication Skills to all the SEP Students 4) We will make Guide to Each country for the important informations , places must be visit & list of the prices 5) Vocabulary list for each student for the most important words at his destination 6) The Contact will be by e-mails to be more professional and to have recorded documents - and the e-mail will be checked daily - Provide Videos for registration and forms for CV & Motivational letter 7) We will make a deal with tourist Company to buy all the flight tickets so We can get the lowest price Incoming Students 1) Opening new training Fields for incoming students Research & multinational Industrial as the EPSF signed a protocol of cooperation of "Future Access"
training program 2012 with Sanofi Egypt and Egyptian Pharmacists Syndicate to provide more training opportunities & we can open research training at Egyptian Universities , The National Research Centre 2) Advertising Campaign Facebook to Join the SEP in Egypt 2013 3) Newsletter and guide book including all the details about Egypt Temperature - Currency - news 4) Prices list for necessary things & Trips costs 5) Planing for a new Trips & Crazy Ideas not only just normal ideas 6) Reception of All the incoming students from the Airport & provide each Student with Egyptian sim card to be easily contact 7) Coordinator for each Trip to ensure the best quality 8) the Real experience for enjoy a new city to walk depending on your self so We will make treasure Hunting Leo's & Extra issues 1) I believe that SEP is one of the best Experience in Life & i believe in the Egyptian Culture & traditional 2) I don't have military service so i will be free all the time 3) Have the ability to Change the - ve issues to + ve issues
as i listened to some SEP students and i will Over Come
all there complaint next Year 9) Try to Find the best Hostel with the lowest price and to provide the LEOs with place to stay in case they are from different cities 10) Join awareness campaigns , Medical Convoys in arrange with Resala as i believe in the importance of Charity Work 8) i know the regulations and ways to apply for the Visa of different countries 4) Try to Find Sponsors to Our SEP , that can provide Us with any Materials 5) i will make a great team of LEOs and we will work Together 7) Attended LIT ( Leaders in Training ) national 2010 8) President of SAT student Organization the Oldest & Biggest in ACU 9) Vice President & Founder of CUPSSA ( Canadian University student scientific association 11) To make the SEP greater in Egypt and to make all the Universities involved so They Can Host SEP Students so it will decrease accommodation Costs & will increase the Capacity to accept Students 10) OC Working Group at EPSF - attended & Organize EPSF events national & Local for 2 years Videos & posters on EPSF , Congress & IPSF page - discuss making website & Blog 6) I will make Workshops & meeting For the Leo's
to share experience & Share Idea
7) Good Relations in & Out Egypt 8) Regulations for SEP Students & leo's
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