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Why Isaac is so awsome

by Emma Domagala

emma domagala

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Why Isaac is so awsome

Awesomeness please note the following: Isaac is a person who is real you can find on face book or at I am awesome ok i guess you can not find him there. Scientests are yet to discover how awesome Isaac really is please if you suffer from boring I guess Isaac should be your rolmoddle. By Emma Domagala Why Isaac is so Awesome Just Isaac The thing i think of when i think of Isaac is just plain old awesome for example, he made most wepens suprisingly they actually work. He makes them out of your boring casual items and makes them into cool exiting things! Isaac was the one who is always trying to keep things new and awesome. His hair is the thickest hair ( to the laidies ) and he is the best at sports. Even if you tried Isaac was named after plenty of things Isaac Nouten, Tornado Isaac, and on and on and on so if you think you can beat him in awesomeness you will need the following: YOU CAN'T BE BETTER THEN HIM SO FACE IT DON'T BOTHER TRYING YOU WILL NOT SUCSEED!!! Once Isaac was born on Jan. 2 2001 ( By the way the 1 is just another word for Isaac/ Awesome.)He was the 1st baby born for the year 2001 in portcolborne. I guess instead he was called at the time a meirical. Why do you ask? Because his awesomeness flew all around town and reached welland. Then St. Cathrines and on and on and on. That is how the word Awesome was invented. You can't be him too
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