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BYOD iPad Workshop - Oct.18

Made and delivered by J. Pack and J. Stevens Screencasting and Flipped Classrooms

Jessica Pack

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of BYOD iPad Workshop - Oct.18

Presented by John Stevens and Jessica Pack iPad Screen-Casting and Flipped Classrooms Basic Vocabulary for Screencasting Awesome Apps Using Educreations Using Show Me Screencast to assess student mastery. Screencasting isn't just for teachers! Screencasting: Flipped Learning: The process of creating a flash movie that shows the screen of your iPad and records your voice narration. Delivering some or all of direct instruction using screencasts which students watch at home, then using class time for projects and activities. Educreations Screenchomp ShowMe All of these apps are FREE in the App Store. and images from the Internet to screencast to teach math concepts through screencasting John Stevens jstevens1@psusd.us Twitter: @jstevens009 Jessica Pack jpack@psusd.us Twitter: @Packwoman208 Apps In Class @Appsintheclass www.appsinclass.com http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/mia-a/751791/ BYOD Workshop October 18 http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=Y456qy8 http://mrstevens.weebly.com www.packwoman.com
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