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Emilio Pucci

Fashion Designer

Felisa Griffin

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Emilio Pucci

And Fashion Line
Emilio Pucci's Inspiration
Emilio Pucci's Life overlook
You have seen Emilio Pucci Designs!
Emilio Might have died in 1992, however his legacy will live on forever in the Fashion Industry. He has left his mark on this earth, designing fashion, establishing perfume lines, and etc. Without Emilio Pucci our fashion today wouldn't be the same. Emilio Pucci made silks blouses, and silk bottoms fashionable. There are even nicknames for Emilio Pucci's silk bottoms designs, one is "Emilio Pants." Peter Dundas carries on Emilio's legacy, as of 2008, he was labeled "Artistic Director," of Emilio Pucci. Emilio had a vision, now it is our job to carry on his dreams, aspirations, and legacy.
Emilio Pucci was a Fashion designer who specializes in all types and forms of fashion.
He created decor, handbags, shoes, and everything of design. Both Genders, the one form he did not specialize in was children. His clothing is very fashionable, and not always affordable, there for its for upper class shoppers.
If you are a fan of Rita Ora, or you have acknowledged her "Sense of fashion," well the big secret is that most of her clothing has been designed in the Emilio Pucci line. Are you a frequent Tumblr user, well then you might have seen many reblogs of Rita Ora, especially on tour showing off Emilio Pucci.
Deceased or not.....
Emilio Pucci Biography
Emilio Pucci was born November 20, 1914. Emilio Pucci was a Famous Italian fashion desgigner. Emilio Pucci first started making his own clothing 1947. Emilio Pucci had a very famous boutique in Capri, Italy which truely exposed him to many who were oblivious.
Emilio's inspiration to officially start creating clothing for the world to see came from this photograph of ski pants , he designed. His availablity to create clothing was now exposed. The magazine asked of Emilio to design womans winter clothing. Emilio Pucci was a member of a ski team, the Italian Olympic team. Therefore Emilio strived for more attention, and a larger audience. He created elligent sportswear clothing, so he can make sportsfashionable. Eventually from the sports category he moved onto other categories like formal. His brand became very famous especially in the formal category, unique dresses have wowed his customers for years.
Emilio Pucci's Overlook
Emilio Pucci died the year of 1992, November 29th in Florence, Italy. Not so far from his birthday, and in his most comfortable habbitat, Italy. Emilio conquered the world, showing Italian quality, class, and the strength of ambition, (where dreams and aspirations can get you, you just need a vision)
Felisa Griffin Cosby
Interesting facts about Emilio Pucci:
Emilio Pucci made silks blouses, and silk bottoms fashionable. There are even nicknames for Emilio Pucci's silk bottoms designs, one is "Emilio Pants."
A Great example of a fashionable silk shirt,, in which was created along the Emilio Pucci line:
Emilio Pucci's Education:
Emilio Pucci went to school in Florence, Italy. He earned a Masters degree as well as PH.D different terms. He attended a college. It is said that Emilio Pucci attended the University of Florence, as well as a univeristy in Georgia. Also attended the University of Milan, and Reed College.

Emilio Pucci's targeted buyers:
Emilio Pucci's clothing is very popular in the online market, he has more online buyers, then actual shoppers in which are in contact with actual registers. Emilio Pucci's clothing is expensive therefore, his targetted shoppers are upperclass shoppers.
Another fun fact about Emilio Pucci is that he was very famous during the 60's and 70's. He was most known for his prints, he was reffered to as the "Prince of Prints." He would design clothing for Singers/Rockstars, Movie Stars, and Models. Today his clothing is worn by all of the above, and upper class socialites.
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