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MKT Project 2

No description

Wendy To

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of MKT Project 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea BRA for MEN OUR Topic is... MKT 2010Q
Annie Siu Sin Mei
Coco Lau Ho Ying
Wendy To Hoi Wing
Suki Leung Sin Kei Male Bra Sample
“Wishroom”, a Japanese company, introduced male Bra…


It sold out quickly
Very popular among Japan
Male bra is also very popular in China…

Company background information
Situational Analysis
Targeting & Positioning
Marketing Program

Product objectives
Prevent males of having Gynecomastia
Right to be cared and health-conscious
Target Market
Obesity Groups
Adolescent (Age: 9-14)
Middle-age (Age: 40-60) Point of Difference
Unique size and customization
Comfortable and of High Quality
Product Strategy
Naming : “Bro”
Product line
Quality assurance

BRO Adolescent Boys (Age: 9-14) Middle age ( Age: 40-60) Summer Winter Tailor-made Cartoon Prints Summer Winter Marketing Program Price Strategy
Introduction stage-penetration priciing
=>Price: $100-$300

Growth stage
=>Price can slightly increase
=>Become less elastic in demand

Promotion Strategy
=>Invite famous artists Kent Cheng to be our spokesman
Personal selling
In-store demonstration
Cash coupons
=>Distributed in mainly four ways
Public relations

Place Strategy
Dr. Kong Stores
Clinics in Hong Kong
Department stores
-eg. Sincere, Sogo, Jusco & Wing On

Introduction Why do men need male bras? Gynecomastia
=>Development of breast in the male

Reasons of having Gynecomastia
Abnormal hormonal control
Muscular development

Negative impact of Gynecomastia
Oversized breasts
As heavy as that of women
Add loads to their backbone
Backbone pain
Increase the possibility of having hunchback
Shame of it

Benefits of Male Bra Sense of security
Flatten the breasts
Other alternatives Surgery
There is a need for Male Bra!!
=>Men at different age have different breast development
Three groups
9-14 years old
15-39 years old and
40-60 years old men

Buying Response Benefits sought
Lack sense of security
Just for fun
Support their breasts
Flatten their appearance
Situation Analysis
1. SWOT Analysis
2. Industrial Analysis
3. Company Analysis
4. Customer Analysis
SWOT Analysis Strengths
Brand-awareness of Dr. Kong
Doctors’ recommendations
"Bro" is still developing
Lack of experts in male bra
Lack of knowledge in male bra
People are more health-conscious
Obesity rate is increasing in Hong Kong
High potential to be a market leader
No exactly same substitutes
Successful cases in Japan and China
Keen competitions in Japan and China
New idea may not be easily successful
Not yet became a trend
Hong Kong people are more conservative-minded
Industrial Analysis New concept to world’s market
Positive feedbacks from the Japan
Key competitors: Japan and China
“Fulfilling male’s psychological needs” VS Health &“Healthy”
Company Analysis
-Dr. Kong Famous for its healthy-designed products
A huge group of professional doctors
Achieve our healthy aim
Gain people’s confidence
Customer Analysis Health conscious
=>More willing to buy a functional male bra
Concern much on the male bra’s appearance
=>Modified product outlook into sporty-like
=>More appealing and suitable for men

Targeting The End = BRO Company background information -Dr. Kong Mainly footwear service
Healthy footcare for every family
Offers professional medical service and advice
e.g. Check-and-fit Examination
Positioning Health concern product
Under the brand name of Dr. Kong
Deliver professional and caring service

Thank you for your attention Q&A Q&A Male Bra Sample
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