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The Lucky One (Tree Map)

literary terms with examples from book

Kimrey Lowder

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of The Lucky One (Tree Map)

Literary Terms The Lucky One Dialogue Foreshadowing Irony Tone Personification Imagery Dynamic "Then what happened?"

"Summer ended, and we ran out of vegetables." These are both dialogue when Beth and Logan are speaking to each other. Thibault gives Ben the lucky picture of Beth and tells him it will keep him safe. Victor (Thibault's best friend) tells Thibault that there's more repeatedly and without anything else said but those two words This is foreshadowing because something bad does happen to Ben and the picture keeps him safe. This is foreshadowing because every time Victor said that Thibault ended up finding there was more. Keith is always saying that no one messes with Keith Clayton and that he wasn't afraid of anyone. This is irony because Keith is afraid of Logan because he continually backs down from him. It is also ironic because Keith is usually saying this about Logan, whom he is scared of. Vs. Static Beth was a dynamic
character. At the beginning of the
book she was extremely
judgemental and skeptical.
She also hated her ex.
By the end of the book she
had a new view on him and
everyone else. She also
wasn't quite as skeptical. Clayton was a
character. From the beginning
to the end of the book
he never changed.
He was still mean and
only thought of him-
self. Simile Suspense When Keith had shown up
at Beth's house with Ben
he saw Logan. (which he thought
had left town) That moment was pretty
suspenseful because
you had no idea what
would happen between
the two. They both really
disliked each other and
there was a long pause
in the meeting. There was lot of
suspense when Logan
and Keith were trying to
save Ben from the river. This was suspense because you didn't
know what would happen to any of the
people trying to save him. They were all
hurt and exhausted and it was a life or
death situation. By: Nicholas Sparks "The massive building's interior was crude and unadorned. The front half was jammed with dozens of picnic tables covered with red-and-white plastic tablecloths that appeared stapled to the wood. Tables were packed and rowdy, and Thibault saw waitresses unloading buckets of crabs onto tables everywhere. Small pitchers of butter sat in the center, with smaller bowls in front of diners. Everyone wore plastic bibs, cracking crabs from the communal buckets and eating with their fingers. Beer seemed to be the drink of choice. Directly ahead of them, on the side that bordered the river, was a long bar-- if it could be called that. It seemed to be nothing more than discarded driftwood stacked atop wooden barrels. People milled around three deep. On the opposite side of the building was what seemed to be the kitchen. What caught his eye mostly was the stage located at the far end of the building, where Thibault saw a band playing "My Girl" by the Temptations. At least a hundred people were dancing in front of the stage, following the prescribed steps of a dance he wasn't familiar with." This imagery is describing the restaurant where Logan and Beth went for their date one night. "She would have remembered him, if only because he reminded her of Drake in the way he seemed to dominate the room. Like Drake, he was probably close to six feet and lean, with wiry arms and broad shoulders. There was a rugged edge to his appearance, underscored by his sun-bleached jeans and T-shirt." This imagery describes Beth's first look of Logan when he was walking into the kennels. "If I were you, I'd let go of her arm," Thibault
said. His voice was flat and calm, more a suggestion than an order. "Right now." This changes the tone of the story from fun and playful to very serious. Beth, Keith, and Logan all think that the tree house where Ben spent a lot of time was very dangerous. This is really ironic because that tree house ends up being where Keith dies and Logan, Ben, and Zeus almost die. It is also ironic because even though they all thought the tree house was dangerous , they still allowed Ben to play there. "Zeus was bounding through the
water like a dolphin skimming over
the waves." This is a simile
because it compares
Zeus to a dolphin using
the word like. "The rain and wind lashed the branches..." This is personifying the wind and rain, saying that it lashed. "Branches and vines snapped at his face." This personifying the branches and vines, saying they snapped. "Through the downpour, she could make out the rope bridge, like the ragged mast of a ship finally sighted through a misty harbor. This is comparing the rope bridge to a rugged mast of a ship, using the word like. "He stopped to look at Elizabeth. Despite his memories, he was struck by the beauty of her face and the dark gold curtain of her hair." In the context, this changes the tone from very serious, to very romantic and comfortable.
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