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Sexually Transmitted Infection

Ellen Lowy

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis What does
it look like? How does it feel ? Women
Discomfort with intercourse
Itching of the inner thighs
Vaginal discharge
Vaginal itching
Vulvar itching or swelling of the labia
Vaginal odor Men
Burning after urniation or ejaculation
Itching urethra
Slight discharge How is it transmitted? Vulva to Vulva
Penis to Vagina How easily is it transmitted? Is it treatable? Is it curable? Will it affect whether or not
I can have a baby? If the person is infected, you can get it through sex Treated with perscription drugs
tinidazole Yes born early
low birth weights Is it connected to any
other disease? How long do the
symptoms last? HIV They last until you are treated Is it painful? Yes Will people be able to
tell that I have it? If your discharge is visible Is the treatment expensive? Can I still have a sexual relationship even if I have the disease? Yes, but your partner can contract the disease and it may be uncomfortable What is the history of this disease? Has it been around long? Where did it come from? No What is the best way to avoid this infection? No sex
Condoms It is the most common curable STI
Estimated to 7.4 million new cases a year Identified first is 1773 It was found with in gingivitis How is it transmitted? a. the mouth
b. vulva to vulva
c. penis to vagina
d. only b and c
e. all of the above What other sexually transmitted diesease is it connected to? a. AIDS
b. HIV
c. Yeast Infection
d. Herpes Is it curable? a. Yes
b. No
c. Only treatable Which is not a symptom for women? a. rash
b. discharge
c. odor
d. itching
Which is not a symptom for men? a. burning
b. itching
c. swelling
d. discharge
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