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Operation Dopamine

Please check out our blog!

Sara Chitsaz

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Operation Dopamine

How and Why We Got Started What We Have done So Far How People Are Reacting What We Plan to Do Thank you for your time! -100 good deeds & Operation Beautiful Negative Feedback -Compliment Book Where YOU come in! Welcome to Operation Dopamine! -want a more positive community -want to change the way people in our school and community treat each other and themselves -teachers' doors -take-one posters for about nine weeks -sent candy-grams to 30 random people -compliments in -the main office windows
-the library
-Local business -Staff Room tables Positive Feedback -rude comments on bathroom stall -quote door erased -posters torn down & ripped -positive comments on bathroom stalls -from peers & teachers -from local businesses -Compliment Bowl -Balloons in the main hallway -Spread it throughout schools and communities -More posters _General acts of kindness! -please help prevent the destruction of our handiwork -Compliment Book -to know that we are trying to create a more positive learning environment and community -quotes on book room door Short-Term Long-Term -Continue in our school for many years to come Please check out our blog: operationdopamine.blogspot.com -we really appreciate all feedback and suggestions! Contact us at: operationdopamine@gmail.com -made business cards -Distribute business cards -have our URL on the SKSS website
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