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Scarlet Letter Plot timeline

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on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Scarlet Letter Plot timeline

Scarlet Letter Plot Timeline
Hester is released and begins living in an abandoned cabin outside of town. She works as a seamstress and names her daughter Pearl.
Pearl grows and develops a passionate personality, rarely listening to her mother.
Hester visits the Governor with Pearl. She argues to maintain custody of Pearl and with Arthur Dimmesdale's help Hester is allowed to keep her. After this, Dimmesdale's health begins to deteriorate.
Chillingworth, assuming the role of doctor, becomes Dimmesdale's personal physician. Later Chillingworth discovers a letter A engraved in Dimmesdale's chest.
Hester Prynne is brought out of prison to be publicly shamed with the scarlet letter A on her chest and her love child in her arms. As see refuses to reveal the other adulterer's identity, Hester spots her husband in the crowd dressed in part English garments and part native american garments.
After returning to prison, Hester's husband, under the guise of Roger Chillingworth, tells her that he intends on finding her lover with the purpose of revenge.
Pearl assembles an A out of eel grass. Then her and Hester encounter Dimmesdale. They plan to escape to Europe to start anew. Both euphoric, Hester removes the scarlet letter from her chest only to place it there again when Pearl refuses to approach her.
With a new purpose at heart, Dimmesdale rewrites his sermon throwing away the original and dismisses Chillingworth's role as his physician.
During the Election Sunday parade, Hester discovers Chillingworth will be joining them on their trip to Europe. Upon finishing the sermon, Dimmesdale climbs the scaffold with Hester and Pearl in front of the startled crowd. He confesses to adultery and rips his garments off revealing his chest. Moments later he passes away.
The following year, Chillingworth passes away and leaves Pearl a large inheritance. Pearl and Hester then dissappear.
Dimmesdale begins to torture himself more frequently, and begins having hallucinations. He climbs the scaffold during the night and screams in an attempt to shame himself.
Years later, Hester is no longer alienated severely by the community. She confronts Chillingworth about his sublime function in Dimmesdale's fragile health.
Some time later, Hester returns to her old cabin until she too dies. She is buried beside Dimmesdale, sharing the same tombstone.
The End
Dario Labrada
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