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Values and Planning, Unit 9, session 4

No description

Maria Stadnicka

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Values and Planning, Unit 9, session 4

Values and Planning in
Health and Social Care-
Unit 9

session 4
Tony and the multi-disciplinary team
What did we learn today?
Part of the multi-disciplinary team could be:
Values and principles in health and social care:
Tony. Case study.
Examples of values and principles in health and social care
Values and planning.
Watch the short video.
What is it about?
What is a car?
- Introduce new topic
- Review learning sessions 1, 2 and 3.
- Care planning principles and values.
- Multi-disciplinary / inter-agency work in health and social care.
- Tony - Case study. Different professionals and their role in planning care and support for individuals
Worksheet exercise:
(5 min)
Work in pairs.
- Respect
- Dignity
- Preferences
- Partnership
- Privacy
- Rights
- Confidentiality
- Independence
In our previous session we discussed about Tony and created a small care plan for him.

We discussed about professionals which might be involved in supporting Tony and his family.

Which professionals did we talk about?
1. social worker
2. support worker
3. carer
4. nurse or mental health nurse
5. GP
6. psychiatrist
7. counselor
8. physiotherapist
9. advocate
10. friend
11. family
12. befriender
Create a washing line
with all the professionals
involved in supporting Tony.
40 min
Match the words 'attitude', 'principles', 'values', 'socialisation' with definitions.
Holistic health care
Holistic care means looking at all needs (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual) an individual has and providing opportunities for these needs to be met.
Define the word 'holistic'.
What do we mean by holistic care?

next... values and principles in care...
Watch the clip and make a list of principles and values in health and social care.
Choose one professional.
Research in the library, draw on and
stick information on
blank body. Create a collage.
Watch the car advert again. How would you link this with holistic care?
Multi-agency and inter-agency work
in health and social care.
Teaching feedback.
Next week: confidentiality and a bit about legislation.
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