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Types of Educational planning according to function and its

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Carlo Patricio

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Types of Educational planning according to function and its

Nature and Scope of Educational Planning
Types of Planning according to Function

Approaches to Educational Planning

I. Pre-determined Objectives
II. Use of Scarce Resources
III. Taking Decisions
What is Educational Planning?
Types of Educational planning according to function and its approaches
Educational planning implies the taking of decisions for future action with a view of achieving pre-determined objectives through the optimum use of scarce resources.
These include such problems as relating education to national development, content of education, educational standard, technology of education, and expansion of facilities.

There are three scarce resources in education.

The explosion of knowledge has
made it necessary to learn
a great deal in a short time.
Intensive efforts have to be made to discover and develop talent among students specially at the secondary and university levels.
Money is the third scarce resource in all situations, specially so in the developing countries.
Material resources including money
Educational plans will have to be prepared for each level at which a decision is taken, namely: institution, chief administrative unit for a group of institutions (a school for a district, a university for higher education, etc.), state and the nation.
Educational planning is an instrument for providing needed coordination and direction of the different components of an educational system.
Physical and Economic Planning
Physical planning is the planning of an area’s physical structure—land use, communications, and utilities.
Allocative and Innovative Planning
Allocative planning is concerned with coordination or the resolution of conflicts in order to ensure that the existing system is ticking efficiently through time in accordance with evolving policies.
three major categories, namely: (1) socio-cultural, (2) manpower/personpower, and (3) investment efficiency.

The socio-cultural approach consists in determining educational needs and development in terms of current demands for education
The manpower/personpower approach consists in gearing educational efforts to fulfilling national manpower requirements
The investment efficiency approach consists in determining the investment to be made in education according to the rate of return or benefit of effectiveness.
What is Educational Planning?
is Educational Planning?
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