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Dominate Your Market - Build Your Listing Inventory

No description

Dave McGhee

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Dominate Your Market - Build Your Listing Inventory

Dominate Your Market - Build Your Listing Inventory
3 Keys
Make it your focus
Have a process
Systemize it
Make it your focus
Have a process
Let the clients know how you work
Determine what their goals are
Identify their fears
Set their expectations
Weekly communication
Systemize It
Have a plan
Calendar that plan
Work the plan
Let it work
Systemize the experience
Idea Exchange
What are your best listing lead generation strategies
What are your best listing appointment/management tips
What are your listing challenges?
Ask for what you want
"Who do you know right now who is looking to move in the next 6 months?"
Make your trip work for you
Awaken the Dormant Seller
Just Listed/Just Sold Post Cards
Leverage your Buyers
Add one new System each quarter
Expired Listings
For Sale By Owners
Non-owner occupied
Geographic Farming
Joe Niego's Instant Inventory
10 proven listing systems
Step-by-step instructions
No need to re-invent the wheel
Stay Consistent
Scheduled activity
Don't get caught up in immediate results
All marketing is reach and FREQUENCY
Action Steps:
Build 2014 Business Plan
Determine how many listings you want to carry at one time
Start the year off by
awakening the dormant seller
Just Listed/Sold
leverage your current buyers
Identify the strategies you'll included in Q2, 3 &4
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