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Assamese Language

No description

Nathan Dolmuz

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Assamese Language

Assamese Language
-The Assamese language belongs to the Indo-European family. The branch is Indo-Aryan and the group is Eastern Indo-Aryan

-There are over 13 million speakers in India, which is where Assamese is mostly spoken in. Most of the speakers are located in Northeastern India.

More Information
- It's origin/hearth is from a dialect of an ancient Indian language called Kamarupa

-The regions in where Assamese is spoken is in the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradish, and Nagaland. They are all located in Northeastern India. Also, there are small pockets of people who speak Assamese in Bangladesh. They also speak some Assamese in Bhutan.
Why the language is spoken in Assam
The Assamese language came to Northeastern India during the time of British colonization in India. The British encouraged immigration from the Bengals into Assam, which was also the reason the British made Bengali the official language of Assam. However, many of the native people did not want Bengali as the language as they had a strong sense of nationalism for their state and they felt they were being treated as the minority. Anti-Bengali sentiments began to grow among the locals. All of those combined eventually forced the British to make the decision to make Assamese the official language of Assam in 1873.
by: Nathan Dolmuz
Basic Information
Map Of Assamese Language
Some Facts
- It is written from left to right, and top to bottom. The same way English is written

- Many of the Assamese religious texts and chronicles were written in the barks of trees

- The first examples of Assamese literature emerged in writings of court poets in the fourteenth century
Assamese spoken today
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