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Women in Media

COM/340 Culturally defined women. Women portrayed in the media.

Melissa Simmons

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Women in Media

Women in the Media Team C Nature of the Controversy Portrayal of women in Media
Where are women seen?
How are women portrayed?
Strong business women
Mothers Media Creates expectations
To be a good mom, nurturer, and wife
To be a career driven women
To look good doing it all History The portrayal of Women in the Media throughout history
Women’s dress through the years
Treatment of women has changed through the years The effects of how women are portrayed in the media through the years
Positive and negative effects of women in media
sex objects
causing issues with body image & self esteem Conflicting Points-of-View Stereotypes
Leadership roles
Sexual objectification
Negative Body image
Portrayed in Music videos
Negative appearance
Low self-esteem Related Controversies Gender Role Expectations
Superwomen Ideal
Expectations of Women Agenda Setting Theory Agenda setting describes a very powerful influence of the media
Media Agenda
Public Agenda
Policy agenda Different Mediums Medium Type and amount of Consumption
Difference in mediums
Music Videos and Television Team's Point-of-View Negative
Superwomen Complex
Effects on adolescents
More emphasis on being healthy
Less of an emphasis on weigh, more on being healthy
Successful career women
Less focus on housewife Future Research Conduct surveys of different generations
Identify their perceptions of how women in media have played a role in transforming the minds of young women
Compare surveys to generations of today Future Analysis What kind of findings do you think the future will hold?
10 years
What kinds of trends can women in media face?
More supportive programs for women
More focus on being healthy, not skinny
20 years
Do the same obstacles still exist for women today?
There are many programs that are helping to counsel women and empower women
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