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The Management Maze

Making the move from team player to team leader with http://www.power-hour.co.uk

Sheridan Webb

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of The Management Maze

Navigating your way from Team Player to Team Leader
The Management Maze
Understand and Set Expectations
Do YOU know what's expected of you?
Plan, prioritise and focus on what
will bring the best result for the team
Learn to TRUST
Don't be a bottle-neck and
micro-manage everything.
That doesn't add value.
Give and Receive
Speak to people every single day:
Let them know how they are doing
Keep People Informed
Have regular one-to-one AND team meetings
Judge your Distance
Stop trying to be one of the guys....
Ask for help!
It's a sign of strength, not weakness to recognise when you need help.
In a nutshell...
1. Know your purpose. Set goals and share these with your team.
2. Plan your time and be ruthless with it. Don't confuse 'busy' with productive.
3. Communicate regularly on a one-to-one basis and with the whole team.
4. Give and Receive feedback - it is the best way for you AND your team members to grow.
5. Delegate and Develop - Don't be a bottleneck
Have you told your team what you expect of them, and discussed how you will work together?
Delegate as much as you can.
Being responsible for something
doesn't mean you have to do it...
it simply means you must make
sure it is done.
Ask how YOU are doing
Don't over-use email or other 'passive' forms of communication
... Don't become detached from the team
Learn when to step in and when to step back
Spot when team members need
help, and provide it.
Visit http://www.power-hour.co.uk for Bite-Size Training on ALL of these topics and more...from just £30!
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