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Copy of Science TS - Hunger

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Grace Zimmerman

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Science TS - Hunger

By: Sam Gengel (Barriers), Megan Maccagnan (Profile), Grace Zimmerman (Nutrition), Jenny Curtiss (Case Study) and Alexis Edwards (Case Study) Why is Relieving World Hunger a Challenge? Barriers to Solving World Hunger in Uganda Nutritional Information of Major Food Product Case Study Information Regarding "Action Against Hunger" in Uganda In 2011, five years after the collapse of the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency, Uganda reinforced stability in its troubled North, bringing 20+ years of insecurity and displacement to a close. These victims are beginning to recover from the reign of the LRA, but they are in need of help. A program called Action Against Hunger aids the victims affected by the terrible conditions in their country. Action Against Hunger has provided a variety of support to the 1.8 million people leaving the displacement camps to return to their ancestral homes—a massive migration that has multiplied the needs for clean water, sanitation, and agricultural and livelihood support. In Uganda’s Northeast, Action Against Hunger has worked with the pastoralist communities of the Karamoja region, tackling water and sanitation needs, high malnutrition rates, and the need for diversified livelihoods. Action Against Hunger is a nonprofit organization that provides food for anyone who is undernourished. The country that we are focusing on is Uganda. Uganda has suffered the longest time because of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Uganda had to deal with terrible living environments, sanitation issues, and lack of food and water due to the LRA. Action Against Hunger has been trying to supply food to Uganda in hopes that they can regain strength and stability that this country needs. They are trying to develop long term health and well beings of women and their families. 80% of food crops in Uganda are from agriculture. So, if more people are lacking the nutrition they need then the amount of crops in Uganda are going to decrease more and more because everyone will not have the energy to work. Without the crops being provided then even more of Uganda is going to go hungry. Action against hunger’s goal is to supply food for those who need it most. They raise money so that they can buy food that helps boost their energy, and make them less hungry. This will then allow the people of Uganda to work and produce food to feed others. Once they are able to feed others consistently then Uganda will have the stability that it needs. Uganda suffers from high rates of malnutrition. Acute malnutrition surpasses 15-percent and some 40-percent. Action Aganst Hunger has teamed up with UNICEF and ECHO to improve childhood nutrition. Sometimes, food doesn't necessarily have availability. Polluted water is a factor with malnutrtion in Uganda, not just food.

Water and Sanitation
-Clean water is hard to find
-Water is used to make the food
-If there is unclean water then the people will become even more unhealthy
-Sanitation makes it hard to find clean water
-2.6 billion people around the world do not have toliets, making sanitation hard to maintain

-If someone suffers from malnutrition they are more likely to obtain a illness or disease
-This makes the problem twice as big

The Right Food
-Some foods can cause problems if not treated right
-Some organisms can enter into the food and cause a illness if eaten
-Sometimes the way you prepare the food can cause illness
-This is why people are needing and starting to recieve eduation on this Biosand Filters Biosand Filters Info Action Againts Hunger is creating a biosand filter that purifies gross, dirty water. They had distributed 139 biosand filters in 11 villages. This filter costs $60 in Uganda and can easily found locally made. This filter purifies dirty water. This is one of the first steps in stopping malnutrition
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