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Teaxas and independence

No description

Mohamed Lotfi

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Teaxas and independence

Texas wins independence
1.Mexico won independence in 1821.
2. Meanwhile American settlers arrived in the Mexican province of Texas.

Texas Wins independence
Growing Conflict
Declaring independence
12. American settlers wanted more representation in the Mexican legislature.
Texans at war
18. Santa Anna responded with force
Republic of Texas
26.Sam Houston became president of the new republic of Texas.
-In this lesson you will learn about how Texas won independence from Mexico and what important events happened along the way.
3. Tensions between Americans and
Mexicans led to fighting.
Mosses Austin
4. In 1820 Mosses Austin was granted
a land to establish a small colony in Texas.
5. Stephen Austin, his son, led 300 men to establish the colony and when Mexico won independence they let him have the land.
6. S.A. and his men became Mexican citizens and worshiped the roman catholic church.
7. when thousands of Americans flooded into Texas they came into a conflict with the mexican government
8. The settlers were protestant not catholic.
9. Some Americans were also slave holders and Mexico abolished slavery.
10. In 1830 Mexico banned further american settlement.
A. However, Americans kept flooding to Texas.
11. So Mexico began to levy heavy taxes on American imports
13. Trejanos, Texans of Mexican descent hoped for a democratic government that gave less power to central government.
14. These hopes were dashed in 1833 when general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became the Mexican President
15. Santa Anna wanted a stronger central government.
16. Shortly after that Santa Anna forced a dictatorship in Mexico.
17. Austin urged a revulsion against Santa Anna and in 1836 Texans declared independence and created the republic of Texas.
19. His troops went to Alamo, a mission in San Antonio where about 185 Anglo-Americans and trejanos gathered.
Siege : a battle in which one force surrounds a city or fort.
20. The Alamo held out for 12 days under heavy cannon fire but Texas lost at last.
21. All defenders died or were executed.
22. Many Americans were inspired by the Alamo & joined the Texan army afterward.
23. The next month, the Texan army commander, Sam Houston led a small army against the Mexican army at San Jacinto.
24.In 18 minutes they captured Santa Anna.
25. They forced him to sign a treaty that gave Texas independence
27. Southerns supported annexation of Texas as a slave state.

28. Northerns opposed this but still hoped for western expansion.
29. Presidents Andrew Jackson and martin Van buren refused to support annexation.
30. Both had feared that adding a slave state might spark a huge political fight that could split the union.
Election of 1844
31. In 1836 the annexation remained unsettled.
32. It became a major issue in the 1844 election.
33. President John Tyler favored annexation but he wasn't nominated for second term.
34. In 1844 the Whigs nominated Henry Clay. He hoped to avoid annexation.
35. Democratic candidate, James K. Polk wanted annexation for Texas and Oregon (which was jointly held by U.K and U.S.A at that time).
36. Polk wanted U.K to withdraw from all territory south of latitude 54 degrees 40' N. and he won the election

37. Congress voted for annexation of TX. as a state in 1845, three days before Tyler left office.
38. Keeping his promise, Polk negotiated a treaty with Britain to divide Oregon.
39. The U.S.A got the lands south of latitude 49 degrees N. which eventually became Washington, Oregon and parts of Idaho.
Tensions with Mexico
40. The annexation increased tensions with Mexico who never really recognized Texan independence
41. The treaty Santa Anna signed put the south border at Rio grande. While Mexico claimed that the southern border was the Nueces river, farther to the north.
42. The land was never used by TX. but it would have given them a lot more land.
43. Even though president Polk put pressure on Mexico they still refused.
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