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HSER 508 Sands

No description

Dallace Sands

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of HSER 508 Sands

Dallace Sands
Human Services 508 Communication Table of Contents Uniquely You Assessment Who Am I? Survey "Don't wait until you love people to act on their behalf. Act on their behalf, and you will come to love them." Communication derives from the root "to commune"...For all of us, communication at its best can mean applying love and acceptance in how we listen, talk, and value each other. Overarching Goal
Personality Assessment
Reaching Goals
Barriers and Breakthroughs in Communication
Noise Pollution
Plan of Action D/I/C- Dominant Inspiring Cautious
- More Task Oriented
- Don't Mind Change
- Active and Outgoing
- Compliant and Cautious
- Love Success and Looking Good Quiet
Open to New things
Always Smiling
I listen
Task-Oriented C.S.Lewis Enlarging My Conversation Goals To have a deeper connection with others
To be a better listener
To be a better talker Reaching My Goals Learn to connect with others instead of just sharing information
Try to avoid spring boarding and focus on what they are saying
I am going to practice taking turns at talking and gain interest in other's stories. Opening Up! In order to show people who I really am and the way that I communicate differently from them is to open up. Barriers Not Listening
Drifitng off into my own thoughts
Not showing I care Break throughs Learn to show interest and care
Show genuine love
Focus on people when I need to Noise Pollution Internal that is things that happen physically that influences effective listening in an individual
External which means there can be surroundings that interfere with effective listening.
Solutions Nonverbal and verbal communication
Focus and gain interest
Practice listening skills Plan of Action Reading books to improve my skills
Focus on listening to people more Thank you Dallace Sands
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