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Elementary PUSD Library Orientation

Orientation for New Library Clerks to PUSD

David Bogardus

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Elementary PUSD Library Orientation

The Library is about Big Ideas
As we move toward CCSS's,
we need to encourage students to explore solutions, evaluate information and provide authentic learning experiences.
The Library is all about Literacy
Everyone reads for three reasons. (yourself, for fun, and for your future) We teach students to be purposeful in their selection of materials and to respond to what they read.
Creating your own Personal Library
The larger a student's personal library, the greater the chance for personal success and the self-discovery of their purpose, calling and career goals.
The Library is about Caring
The library classroom strives to make learning happen without barriers. We strive to make every encounter a positive experience for every student.
Literacy Plan
The Library is about Digital Learning
Our libraries are beginning the transition from textbooks and term papers to digital courses and assignments encouraging collaboration, sharing and digital publishing.
The K-8 PUSD Library Plan
The 8th grade standard for independent reading is 1 million words per year. That is about 10 Harry Potter books.
Move toward efferent reading(reading for information and details) from aesthetic reading (appreciation, experience, the art and craft)
Help teachers integrate reading into the writing process. Students and teachers stop and read the same work- a piece of poetry, a short descriptive narrative. Have students write their own piece based on the big ideas of the selection. Ask the big questions about how the author draws the reader into the story using their words.
Use the class as a book club where everyone is reading the same book. Assign groups of students to talk about a section of the book. Have them come up with questions for students to respond to.
Surprise them with an electronic book presentation using e-books or Tumblebooks!
10 chapter books in 10 months with 80% or higher average on practice tests.
Running a
Self-Sustaining Library
Develop a school year visitation schedule based on your funding and include all teachers .
Include an open time when any student can come to the library on business. Be open at lunch.
Be sure to schedule time for maintaining the library!
Map out themes by the month.
August - Welcome Back, Setting Goals (AR) (F)
September - The Library is about Big Ideas! (NF)
October - Read a Scary Book (F)
November- Read to Feed (NF)
December - Give the Gift of Reading (F)
January - New Year, New Ideas - What's your idea? (NF)
February - Million Word Challenge (NF)
March - Read Across America - March 2 (F)
April - National Library Week (NF)
May - Summer Reading Lists (F, NF)
Students have a role in the library
Students know...
how to return their books, shelve their books,
use the catalog to find a new book, and check out their new book.
They also know how to care for their books!
Fourth grade students should begin using the Destiny Catalog to share recommendations, and write book reviews.
Teachers have a role in the library
Teachers help...
Make sure check in and out is orderly and quiet.
Know their reluctant readers and help them find the right book.
Help challenge their better readers with longer texts.
Help all students find a book in their ZPD.
Read a book to their students regularly.
Make sure students are quizzing on the books they have read.
Elementary Library Clerks have a role in the library
Elementary Library Clerks...
Be a Customer Service Representative
Encourage every student to work on their reading.
Help all students find the right book.
Move them through all different genres of literature. (Fiction Non-Fiction, Biography, Poetry, e-books, and online resources.)

PUSD Library Skills Quiz

Order in the library!

Dewey Decimal System

PUSD Library Prezi Presentation
Job Description
District Library Handbook
David Bogardus - Teacher Specialist IM
397-4711 x 6975
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