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PR Campaigns

Chin Chin Instagram Social Media Comp

Clarys Chan

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of PR Campaigns

Team Profiles Amy Faull Clarys Chan Emily Cusworth Felix Kurniawan Executive Summary Introduction Research Media Strategy Client Relationship & Objectives Key Publics Timeline Evaluation Recommendation Evaluation PR developed Post Release Instagram competition involving Chin Chin's logo - the neon bunny

Chin Chin's 'Feed Me' menu promoted through the Instagram competition

Campaign was focused on social media marketing Examined Chin Chin's existing social media presence

Determined Chin Chin's 'voice' and 'branding' from their past campaigns

Did research on past social media competitions by other brands Goals Target Messages Implementation to Client Melbournians who are yet to visit and experience dining at Chin Chin – linking in with a goal of attracting new customers to the eatery

Media – Specifically local Melbourne publications, websites and those with a social media presence

University Students – Current University students around Melbourne including Melbourne University, RMIT, Monash and Deakin Universities Anybody with a smart phone can enter the competition, it is simple, fun and unique.

The idea is that you can control the outcome, sabotage and strategise against the other entries and we open up the opportunity to influence your win.

Chin Chin provides a casual but professional Thai cuisine, inspired by the hawker style dining experience from Asia. The neon bunny light is a fun fixture at Chin Chin and you just need to snap a shot of it to be in the running to win dinner for six. Utilise Chin Chin’s Twitter presence to communicate the competition and spread the word about ‘Feed Me’ to its 3,500 followers.

Utitlise Chin Chin’s expansive Facebook audience of 6,500 ‘likes’ to promote the Instagram competition

Promoting ‘Feed Me’ menu and competition around University campuses in CBD with posters We were working off a budget with a grand total of $0! Although we were lucky enough to have the vouchers for dinner supplied by Chin Chin

Our client did not have the resources to provide a budget, she also wanted most of the emphasis on social media – which is obviously free

The main cost incurred was from the printing of the posters although we were able to use our printing credit for a majority of them Budget How the Instagram
competition works... Ad developed Strengths Chance to personally engage with old and new customers

Creates strong tech savvy and personable image for Chin Chin

Clever campaign which is counter-cultural

Reverse liking psychology worked to create interest and attention Weaknesses Competition only 10 days with 5 days to enter

Not a long time to gain real momentum across social media channels

Need IT Technician / API to monitor likes

People may enter compeition last minute to get the least likes

No budget Opportunities Threats No other restaurant in Melbourne is using social media in this way

To be in control of fully fleshed out social media campaign and competition

To gain more followers across social media channels and new consumers

Similar campaigns could follow through solid instagram database IT malfunctions, system breakdown

Only people with a smartphone can enter competition

Only people with public profiles can have their posts seen by others

People may not understand the 'least likes wins' concept and lose interest in entering SWOT Analysis Guerrilla PR tactics

Liaise with Coeliac society that has a huge following, due to unknown gluten free options

Advertise the competition on collateral within the restaurant

Pitch competition to media

Pitch competition to local businesses

Pitch social media campaign as a new-wave PR strategy, to online PR/Marketing websites

Social media campaign; Using on-trend social media app. to generate awareness of the unknown Chin Chin bunny logo and better engage with customers on a more personal level Communication and constructive criticism delivered through face-to-face meetings

Client maintained control over all posts and updates during the social media campaign

Client preferred informal PR style, compared to more structured and formalized PR campaign design

Client had a ‘cowboy’ PR background, and already well-established media connections in the industry Negotiation Planning Phase Fresh and exciting social media experiment, designed to give the power back to the people

We both shared the belief that the most delicious food should not be reserved for the most popular people

Counter cultural concept, repelling other traditional popularity contests

Key motivation for the client was to run a social media campaign The value of the restaurant image is important

Chin Chin logo is cheeky, vibrant, reflective of street culture

Their vision was to have a dining environment where patrons can let their hair down

Client did not consider themselves as ‘Avant Garde’

First come first serve egalitarian philosophy

A celebration of traditional banquet style Thai Highly protective of their image and not being ‘shouty’

Did not approve of pitching to blogs as it was ‘lazy’ PR, client already knew food bloggers in the industry

Negotiated a banquet of 10 to a banquet of 6

The client was flexible in the timing of the competition

Would not allow a splash page on their website or any collateral in the restaurant or around the city Understanding
Chin Chin's aesthetic Goals Chin Chin and RMIT PR and Advertising students ran a 10-day Instagram photo competition

Promoting Chin Chin’s ‘Feed me’ dining on Instagram; endorse their vision of being edgy and offbeat

Encouraging target publics to form an association between Chin Chin and their famous bunny logo Objectives To demonstrate Chin Chin’s fresh approach to dining in the ‘Feed Me’ menu, through 5 stories in local media outlets by November 2012

To generate awareness of the Chin Chin ‘Feed Me’ dining experience, by engaging with Melbourne target publics across Instagram and generating up to 500 followers by November 2012

To reinforce the image of the Chin Chin bunny logo among Melbourne target publics, through awareness gained with up to 200 photo entries in the Instagram competition 500+ Photo Entries; +147 Followers on Instagram in a week; Slow progress due to delay on approval from the client

Client is very particular in their campaign, activities, and presence, thus limiting the activities we could provide

Client needs to be more particular in the direction they wanted rather than Chin Chin Day - where all the neon bunnies come to live!

Chin Chin = Neon Bunnies

The campaign should be more than just social media campaign.

There should be an activation phase to increase awareness of the logo

Increase activities that increase brand association between the neon bunnies and Chin Chin

Has list of key words as the best words to describe Chin Chin Media Release Posters Memes PR Campaign Menu Media List Report (In Progress) #feedmechinchin ChinChin Currently in the 'liking' stage of our competition. Entries closed on Oct 5th

Planning to target PR and social media websites to pitch to CHIN CHIN PR Campaign with Event Management experience
Intern at Ogilvy PR
Intern at PR Edge Intern at Cosmopolitan Model Management
Intern at Miss Universe Australia
PR Volunteer for RealEstate4Ransom (documentary film) Our initial timeline was a lot more detailed but got pushed back and the pitching was completed last week so very last minute

Entries closed on Friday night

Competition is in the second stage meaning as of today ‘liking’ is still open by searching the hashtag and liking everybody else’s entries

Voting closes on October 12th at midnight

We hope to next week after the competition has ended touch base with Jess and receive her feedback on the campaign Junior Public Relations Consultant Kate & Co Publicity & Events
Account Coordinator The PR Edge, CHE Intern at TimeOut Magazine
Intern at Sportsgirl Regardless of a tight deadline, we managed to meet and exceed most of our objectives

Negotiated successfully with a client who had very specific requests

Had to think 'outside the box' in order to meet client's expectations Great logo & branding but assets not reaching full potential awareness Existing social media presence - = Distributed Media List to local media around Melbourne, with detailed instructions on how to enter and what the competition was all about

Contribute to entries by having an active presence on our own social media sites, liking posts and spreading the word to our friends.
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