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Liver Regeneration and Stem Cells

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l g

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Liver Regeneration and Stem Cells

Liver Regeneration and Stem Cells
Technical Concerns
Studies have generated mixed results
Most testing has been on mice, how will humans respond?
Research and development of this process is costly
Target Market
Those with liver disease, especially those who need transplants, which are difficult to obtain
One in 10 Americans has liver disease
All ages, genders, races
Meaghan Hardy and Lauren Gardiner
Ethical Concerns
Works Cited
How it Works
Liver cells can primarily be grown using embryonic stem cells or IPS cells
IPS cells have been more successful
Scientists gather induced pluripotent cells from bone marrow
IPS cells can be induced to create 3 major types of liver cells
These cells mix to create 'liver buds', which can be used to (potentially) form organs
Liver Buds
Using embryonic stem cells destroys embryos
IPS cells do not destroy embryos, but added genes in IPS cells could potentially be carcinogenic
Technology could be unequally distributed once it is fully developed, preventing those in need from having access to it
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To repair or replace livers of patients suffering from liver disease
To allow unhealthy livers to function normally
Next Steps
Full organ replacement with liver buds has not been achieved yet
Liver buds have been used to test new drugs and replace some liver cells in ill patients
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