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Favorite Number Project

No description

Jordan HIghtower

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Favorite Number Project

Favorite Number Project
By: Jordan Hightower
Math Ms.Garrison

Composite Number
Definition: A Composite Number Is A Number That Can Divided By A Number Other Than 1

Example: 23 Is Not A Composite Number Beacuse It Can Only Be Divided By 1 and 23
A Common Multiple
A Common Multiple Is a Number That Is a Multiple of Each 2 or More Numbers.

A Common Multiple For 23 is 1 and 23
Task 1:
Choose Your Favorite Number:
Task 2:
Define The Following Terms and State Whether Your Number Is an Example Or Not. The Terms are: Common Factor, Common Multiple, Composite Number, Prime Number, Factors, and Square Number/Perfect Square
A Common Factor
Definition: A Prime Number Is A Number That Can Only Be Divided By 1 and Itself

Example: 23 Is a Prime Number Because It Can Only Be Divided By 1 and 23
My Favorite Number Is 23
Definition: A Common Factor Is Were 2 or More Numbers Have Some of The Same Factors.

Example: Factors of 23 are 1 and 23. Factors of 11 are 1 and 11. So The Common Factors Of 23 and 11 are 1.

A Prime Number
Definition: A Factor Is a Number That Can Be Divided Or Multiplied By Another Number To Get That Number

Example: The Factors Of 8 are 1,8,4,and 2 because 8 can be divided by all those numbers evenly
Square Numbers/Perfect Square
Definition: A Perfect Square Is a Number That Can Be Expressed As The Product of Two Integers

Example: 9 Is a Perfect Square Because It Can Be Expressed 3*3 (As The Product of Two Integers)
Task 3:
Show Your Understanding of The Following Concepts Using Your Favorite Number. Provide Definitions and Examples Of Each Term
LCM (Least Common Multiple)
Definition: The Smallest Number That Is Multiple Of 2 or More Numbers

Example: 1 Is The Least Common Factor of 23
GCF (Greatest Common Factor)
Definition: The Highest Number That Divides Exactly Into 2 or More Numbers

Example: The Greatest Common Factor For 23 and 11 Is 1
Prime Factorization
Definition: The Process Of Finding Which Prime Numbers Came Be Multiplied Together To Get Another Number

Example: 23 * 11 = 253 So The Prime Factorizations For This Problem Are 11 and 23
Task 4:
Can My Number Be Written In Exponents, Why or Why Not?
No, It Can Not Because 23 Is a Prime Number Which Means Its Only Factors Are 1 and 23
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