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Acidification of Lakes


EmmaMachaela StuartIrving

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Acidification of Lakes

Acidification of Lakes CAUSES Acid Rain
-Precipitation containing higher than normal amounts of nitric acid and sulfuric acid Emissions
-fossil fuels
ex.buring of coal in power plants
-car emissions
-electric generation power plants
-decaying plant matter
-volcanoes (from sulfure and nitrogen oxides) Wet Deposition
gases react with water,O2 and other chemicals
results: various acidic compounds form;acids are blown into areas with wet weather
Dry Deposition
acids are blown to dry areas where they cling to dust and smoke
then the dust and smoke cling to buildings
acid is then washed into water systems by rain Effects on humans, plants and animals Humans
sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide can be inhaled by humans and cause lung and heart problems What are the SHORT TERM Solutions? What are the LONG TERM Solutions? Law refering to acid rain Title IV of the Clean Air Act 1990 Amendment
mandates reduced sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxide emissions
capping emissions of power plants
promoting alternative energy sources and pollution prevention programs Plants & Animals
the more acidic the lake or stream is, the fewer variations of aquadic plants and animals there will be
** decreased biodiversity **
all plants and animals within the ecosytem relie on each other
missing or decreased species will disrupt the food chain
acidity can kill, reduce fish population and completely wipe out a species from a body of water
fish eggs cannot hatch at a pH of 5 or lower
can cause stress on fish which causes lower body weight and smaller fish
smaller fish are more vulnerable to predators and less able to get food Other animals have differnet sensetivities to acidic water Switching to alternative sources of energy
such as hydroelectric or wind power
Decreased fossil fuels burned
reducing fossil fuel emissions will reduce sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides Use coal with low amounts of sulfur
Install sulfur cleaning scrubbers in factories to wash sulfur from the coal
Factories can remove sulfur from the smoke that their smoke they release prior to releasing it
Factories can clean out their smoke stacks What YOU can do to help Conserving energy
turing off lights and electronics when they are not being used
Limit amount of gas buring
turn down heat and not use air conditioning in houses
Driving cars less
such as: carpooling, walking, taking public transportaion, or riding bike
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